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Continuous Transform

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For my new character, I wantto be able to transform people into animals, but only if htey are willing. Now soemthing like this

Transform People to animals (base cose 4/rank)

Extra: Continuous(lasting) +1 modifier

PF: Progresssion to get it up to about 200 pounds.

Drawbacks: Target must be willing to be transformed

Ranks 1 Total cost 10pp

Now by the rules this might be the way to work it, and the cost is pretty low, about 10 pps or so, maybe even 8 )I am away from my books now)

Would this be the way to handle the guy being able to change people into animals, and would I have to worry about the growth/shrinking rules for it?

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Well, one error there is that Progression cannot be used on Transform to increase the "allowable mass" of the target: that's something only ranks can get you. To be able to affect an average adult human, you'd need Transform 8.

Also, you would need to worry about Growth/Shrinking: transform cannot add points to a character, so if you Transform someone into an animal that's a size other than that size of the target, they'll need to buy some Growth or Shrinking, getting the point from it by decreasing something else. Only way around that is to get Empowerment (basically an Affects Others/Others Only Shapeshift) Linked with the Transform.

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