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  1. I am going to quit this site now, so go ahead and delete Sanctis and ArmyofOne. Thanks for the times, this playstyle is just not for me. Sayonara, Eyeonthemountain.
  2. Well, this is not going anywhere, and since the only place I post is to the voting thread, I think I am going to sign off the boards. Thanks for the mini game and good luck to both of you.
  3. With the cavet that I do not read comic books and only really know Wolverine from the first few X-men movies and gamer-community conversation, I thought that the movie was very well done. All the major events in his life seemed to be there, but it seemed more of a stand-together story, unlike the watchmen, which I thought was a slave to the books, to its detriment. I think even someone who knew little about that history of the character could appreciate the movie, though some parts might be a little harder to understand. God movie, overall, with some nice special effects, especially showing that kind of unique supermen in a non-super world feeling I got form most of the X-men movies.
  4. I guess this thread is dying on the vine.
  5. His plans starting to come together, Sanctis starts looking around for some kin of minions or the like who are weak-willed enough to help him, and picks out his target, the main power generating plant of Freedom City. Not quite ready yet, he is nearly there.
  6. Dunno, It all depends on if ArmyofOne gets his action or Red Star does, I suspect.
  7. ArmyofOne will not waste the action trying to identify what is coming in, but will concentrate on getting inside the building.
  8. When ArmyofOne hears the sound of someone coming (I assume the fight is not subtle) he moves quickly to the door he saw closing, moving to get inside before whatever made that sound arrives. He sends two of his duplicates in first before he enters the door. OOC: I guess it is up to the DM who moves first.
  9. Dupe 3 moves over quickly to attack the thugs who shot down one of the dupes, and the two remaining thugs go down quickly under the assaults of the two duplicates over near them. ArmyofOne summons one more duplicate and then says, "Pick up whatever stuff they were carrying." and they pick up guns, and the bags, but not wallets or other valuables. ArmyofOne then looks around for any trouble and he sees..... OOC Result 22
  10. Duplicate 2 attack vs thug 1d20+6=18 hits and save DC 21 1d20+3=6 and down he goes Duplicate 3 attack vs thug 1d20+6=17 hits and save DC 21 1d20+3=14 and down he goes, too. ArmyofOne notice 1d20+3=22 edited to add notice roll
  11. I assume I do not need to worry about Sanctis being archived, even though I rarely play him, as I visit the site nearly daily?
  12. As the Thug comes towards him, Ben pivots on his left foot and grabs the thug's shoulder and forearm as he starts to go by. The thug accelerates rapidly as Ben gets goo leverage on him and tosses him into the brick wall ten feet away. The solid *clonk* sound reveals why the thug does not get up. ArmyofOne comes back to his resting position, having maintained perfect balance throughout his spin and says to his two buddies, "Get them!" and summons a third duplicate. Duplicate one, a red-haired caucasian, does a leaping strike at one of the approaching gangbangers and connects solidly with th gangbanger's forehead, putting him down and out, but Dupe #1 is a bit off balance (-2 to def) Duplicate #2, a sicilian-looking man with dark black hair and eyes sweeps one Gangbanger after he charges. Th sweep bounches the gangbanger's head off the pavement with an even louder *clonk* than before. With three of the five gangbangers down in an instant ArmyofOne says, "Ready to go home and watch TV?"
  13. Army attack on #1 1d20+6=16 #1 toughness save 1d20+3=13 Dupe #1 attack after charge: 1d20+6=11 with +2 for charge hits. Thug #2 toughness. 1d20+3=6 Dupe #2 attack 1d20+8=28 Charge included this time. Crit so Thug #3 goes down automatically. OOc: If I am doing this wrong, let me know.
  14. After the washout in Lantern Hill, Sanctis decided to keep on his patrols for now, spending time looking at he water and power systems, trying to find nodes and places where a little destruction would have a strong effect on the city. He then hears a couple of people discussing the power blackout in New York a few years ago, and Sanctis realized that electricity was the way to go. Everything worked off electricity, or almost everything. If Freedom City blacked out, it would be a good example for others.
  15. ArmyofOne smiles, "Absolutely none at all, actually." and a second man walks out from near the garbage can where ArmyofOne was hiding. He is also a muscular lad and then a third one walks out, flanking ArmyofOne, standing in a line with him. ArmyofOne says, "Come on anytime."
  16. Well, ArmyofOne has a +11 so he cannot fail. Posting up attacks and such now. Iniative: 1d20+11=18 Two move actions to summon duplicates.
  17. Ben stood up in plain sight as the gangbanger came towards him, a smile on his lips and an eager cant to his body. ArmyofOne said, "You can walk away if you like. Or be made an example of. Up to you. Eitehr way, you are not causing trouble here and now." andh e stood waiting the punk's decision
  18. As is normal for ArmyofOne, none of his duplicates are currently present, and he is trying his best to stay hidden in his location and look around. So that is what he does for the moment. He looks: 1d20+3=15 And stays hidden: Stealth 2 (+5)--take ten (Skill Mastery) Total 15 taking ten, if allowed, if not then 1d20+5=25
  19. I'm going to withdraw from this thread.
  20. Sanctis looks at the figure in the window, and then fades back and away, disappearing into the night.
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