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The Obsidian Prison - Blackstone Thievery (Recruitment)

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In Freedom City, the homes of the wealthy have come under attack. Thefts have become more prominent, and valuables have gone missing - both of the more material kind, and laptops, smartphones, and bank information. While the latter is mostly controlled by shutting down access to the accounts, the former has the wealthy in an uproar - especially the wealthy youth, who are finding their possessions are little more than bait for this mysterious new thief. 


When the FCPD investigated, they found that there were great spikes of obsidian-esque stone jutting out from within the houses of the wealthy. Security footage from an especially paranoid family's home revealed that the crystals were grown from a seed and a woman with stony skin streaked with gold used them to effectively teleport into and out of the homes. Freedom City's heroes must now track down this mysterious thief and end her crime spree. 


Greetings, fine heroes of the forum! It's that time again. I have a continuation of the Obsidian Prison mini-arc that was begun in The Petty Tyrant planned. I'm planning to kick it off when my new character, Sable Raven, is approved, as I'd like him to feature in it. This means it will be a PL 9 to 11 thread, focused more on investigation than on combat. If anyone's interested, let me know!

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