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(OOC) Ice For That Burn?

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Raina's going to use her Magic Awareness super-senses with extra analyticalness to have a look at that lock. She is then going to attempt to use Disable Device to open the lock without setting off the magical trap. She gets a 30! Good job, Raina.

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Oh yeah, you would have gotten a shot of obscure herbal poison in the face that would have given you what would have appeared to be a severe allergic reaction. You'd have died even under the ministration of normal EMTs, who'd have written it off as a freak accident 

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All righty! Raina is going to do what she was hired to do! I believe that Heinrich is already flat-footed until his initiative in Round One, so she'll just go ahead and unleash the Fire Blast, then go invisible and get to cover for her move action.  She rolls a 21

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drops an area effect on everybody 

That's a DC 20 Reflex Save to avoid the effect, then a DC 20 Reflex save to avoid being blinded! 


Then he flies into the air. 


Comrade Frost: 

Frost fails the first save


and the second!


He flies up after Henrich, blind for one round. 


You're up as soon as I post IC. 

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Actually, you made a good point re:her taking cover behind a big opaque object, so that's a plausible reason she wouldn't be affected by a big Visual + Auditory Dazzle. 


So she can't hear anything (because that's funny!) but she can still see. 


You're up!

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Okay, Raina's going to blast him again with more fire. So much fire. She does not like stupid lightning!


First roll is bad, so she will spend an HP to help her adequately express the depths of her displeasure. Reroll gets a 28. Also, autofire is on.


Once she shoots, she is going to Flight 7 her witchy little self a move action's distance away, which should hopefully protect from additional area attacks.


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Definitely, though she'll have to close if she wants to hit him adequately.


Okay, that hits him! It exceeds his defense by 10, so that's +5 to the damage 


Tou vs 30 

https://orokos.com/roll/883082 = okay, he fails by 10, so he's injured, staggered, and dazed 


Concentration checks for Flight: 12, he fails, so he falls!  

Concentration checks for Force Field: 18




Heinrich is dazed (have an HP for him acting); he'll throw a lightning bolt at Comrade Frost! 

https://orokos.com/roll/883090 and hit! 

Tou vs DC 29: HPing this one, https://orokos.com/roll/883092 = 32 


Could have used that nat-20! 

Comrade Frost is blind this round! 

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