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The Keratin and the Chitinous (OOC)


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Danica gets an HP for her Cold Outside complication.


> 13Chitin - Uninjured, 3HP

7 - Wolf Ragin - Uninjured

0 - Chelone - 4HP



Move Action: Try to duck more-or-less out of sight behind Chelone's shell!

Standard Action: Activate the CMYK Driver!

Move-By Action: Step out from behind her shell! Perfect illusion!


Wolf Ragin

Full Round Action: Maul Chitin and Chelone. This is an Area Damage effect, with a DC 20 Reflex Save to halve a DC 25 Toughness Save to DC 20!



Reflex Save vs DC 20: 1d20+6 16 

That's a failure but Evasion 2 means he still halves the Damage rank.

Toughness Save vs DC 20: 1d20+5 18

An early bruise!


Chelone is up after making those saves!

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Danica is hiding with the mom and baby in her Created Object shell, which takes a ding with a toughness roll of 22. 


Move Action: Nudge Mama and Baby through the door in her shell to her dimensional pocket. 


The big shell will dissolve, leaving Danica in her normal shell as she shifts her array. 


Standard Action: Spectral Turtle Bite! First attack roll is very terrible, burning an HP for a reroll. That is a hit with a 23.

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Move Action: Activate Orchid Mantis Instar!

Standard Action: Attack Wolf Ragin: 1d20+6 16

Hero PointAttack Wolf Ragin; HP Reroll: 1d20+6 21


Wolf Ragin

Toughness Save vs DC 25: 1d20+11-1 13

Toughness Save vs DC 25; Fiat Reroll: 1d20+11-1 21


Well that was a lot of rolling for a net HP gain of 0! Moving on!


Wolf Ragin

Move ActionDemoralize Chelone: 1d20+15-5 21

Standard ActionAttack Chelone: 1d20+10 30


Oh no! That's a critical hit! Danica needs to make a save against the Demoralize, then a Toughness Save against DC 32!


13 Chitin - Bruised x1, 3HP

7 - Wolf Ragin - Bruised x2

> 0 - Chelone - 3HP

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Move ActionAcrobatic Bluff vs Wolf Ragin: 1d20+5 18

Holding Action until Chelone's turn for a Combined Attack.

Standard ActionAttack Wolf Ragin; All-Out Attack 5, Power Attack 5: 1d20+6 26


That's a crit! The feint effectively doesn't matter, that's a DC 30 Toughness Save, potential increased by the Combined Attack.


Wolf Ragin

Passes its turn to clear the Daze.


13 Chitin - Bruised x1, -5 Defense, 3HP

7 - Wolf Ragin - Bruised x3

> 0 - Chelone - 3HP

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