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Pre-Apocalyptic Tour

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She cocked an eyebrow quizzically. Hawaiian pizza gets people up in arms? Well, I suppose wars have been started for less. It just looks really good to me.


"No, I really enjoy it! It feels very relaxing to me. Almost gets to the point where the vehicle speaks to me, and tells me what it needs, how it can be better. In all things, I strive to help others. So it would be a pleasure helping tune up your bike."


She smiled and sat down with him. The aroma of the pizza was heavenly, the sauce, cheese, and toppings a delicious and savory smell unlike anything she had ever experienced. Well, here we go. She took her first bite of pizza. For a moment, she only chewed. Then, she nodded slowly, and took another bite. "This is f***ing delicious," she whispered, almost to herself. She took a sip of the soda, a large Mountain Dew, and was overwhelmed by pure sweetness. So sweet!! Having had a lot of candy and cookies at Danica's party, though, she quickly got used to it. Wow, this is like liquid candy. But strangely fizzy?


"Now that's probably about the best thing I've ever eaten. Ever." She raised her styrofoam cup of soda like she was giving a toast. "Thank you for this. The whole experience."

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Nevermore II


Charlie couldn't help himself but laugh at El's reaction, leaning forward over the table and almost choking on the piece of pizza in his mouth.


"Ha, ah... Sorry, sorry... I'm glad you like it, just... didn't expect that." He was wheezing a bit, trying to get his breath back. "I'm happy you like it. Really."


Raising his own cup of pepsi, he bumped it against El's before taking a drink to try and get rid of the last of that scratching feeling in his throat. "Hey, you're welcome. Don't worry about it, I figured you needed to do something besides being locked up all day, right?"


He had time. Nowhere to be, so, why not help out?


"So, what do you want to do next?"

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The peace and quiet didn't last nearly as long as either Charlie or El would have prefered.


There was a terrible sound, crashing, tearing, smashing, and a man in a golden armor quite literally fell through the ceiling and into the food court, where people quickly scattered. He stood up, looked around and shook his head. The entire armor was brilliant gold, but otherwise looked highly advanced. 


"Hn... What are you all looking at?" Despite being electronically distorted, the voice was obviously male. "I am Doctor Midas, and I have more important things to worry about that you rabble! Run, go away!"


As if to punctuate his last statement, he raised his right gauntlet and fired a gold blast towards the roof, causing yet more destruction as parts of it fell down towards the fleeing people.

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