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The security guard took notes, but shook her head. "No, there was an explosion and smoke, then two people were running away from here. Looks like they got away."


The man at the computer groaned. "Oh. It's all here, but..." He still didn't seem register Jennifer talking with the security guard at all. "What did they do... what did they..."


He stood up. "They... they copied it all? Oh no."

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Jennifer wasn’t sure how she felt. She hoped she wouldn’t be grouped in with Freestyle.

She glanced over at the man at the computer, Thomas Kent, if she was guessing right.

”Someone broke in and set off explosions, just to copied files?” 
She tries to sound incredulous. “That doesn’t sound very thief-y. Maybe there was a fight?” She glanced back at the security woman. 

”At least I was helpful in letting them know something happened.” She thought positively, taking some comfort in that little bit. “If I hadn’t gotten into that fight, no one would have even probably noticed.”

”Besides, this is a college campus not MarsTech or ASTRO Labs. What could someone want from here?.”

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"What could someone want from here?" Thomas sounded like he couldn't believe what he was hearing. 


He stood up abruptly, rushing towards Jennifer, poking a finger at her.


"We're developing highly advanced, affordable prosthetics! Do you understand what it could mean if someone steals all our data? Do you? Everything we have worked for?"


Thomas paused, almost like he only just noticed Jennifer.


"Who are you, anyway? Why are you here?"

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Jennifer had the idea it could be would a sizable amount as Thomas yelled. She couldn’t blame him. Her face was serious as she thought.

When he suddenly stopped yelling and seemed to actually look at her she got a little nervous and tried to smile innocently, she immediately thought better of this and tried to switch to more casual neutral expression.

”I’m a student and I, ah.”

She glanced over at the security woman and pointed.

“I’m a witness.”

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Thomas rushed forward, grabbing hold of Jennifer's shoulders with both hands.


"Who did it? What did they look like?" He obviously haven't been listening to a word she had said before then. "Why didn't you stop them or call for help!?"


The security guards eventually managed to pry him off. "Sir, you need to calm down. She didn't have anything to do with this."


"She could have stopped it!"

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Jennifer flinches at Thomas’ accusation. He was only saying out loud what she was thinking herself.

“I, ah..”

She stammers sheepishly, rubbing her arm nervously. She looks down and away.

”You’re... right. I should have.”

Jennifer gathers herself up and looks back up at the man. She wasn’t sure if the color in her cheeks was more embarrassment or more anger.

“But to be fair, if it was a villain then they might not have gotten here in time anyway, or worse, they could have been hurt.”

She counters as she waves a hand at the campus security.

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Thomas looked back at Jennifer and sighed, almost slumping over.


"Alright, alright... sorry. I'm just..."


He moved to the chair and sat down heavily, burying his head in his hand.


"Sir?" The officer approached. "Who would want to steal this from you?"


Thomas shook his head. "Ugh, I don't know... anyone that want ground breaking technology for helping people with missing limbs?" His voice was dripping with sarcasm. "We've had half a dozen offers. Could be anyone hiring someone to steal it."



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Jennifer tried to think for a moment.

”Who knew you were working on this? Has anyone suspicious or threatening approached you lately?”

She tapped her chin thoughtfully as she asked, she hoped helpfully.

”Is there any way you could prove the work was yours? Anything in the design or programming?”

Jennifer hadn’t even noticed she was feeling less nervous yet as she focused on the problem at hand.

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"Ugh, lots of people. I just told you, we'd had half a dozen offers." Thomas glared at Jennifer. "Like, ASTRO Labs talked to us just last week, we got an angry email from somebody at Bastion Technologies that wanted a response a few days ago... Can't stand those Bastion guys, they're not offering even half of what we want." 


Thomas shook his head.


"Plenty of things that'd show its ours, but that'd be if they used it here, or, y'know, made it available to the public."

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Jennifer frowned in thought. She couldn’t imagine a foundation as large as ASTRO Labs resorting to robbing a college laboratory, nor ArcheTech or MarsTech. She tried to remember what she had heard about Bastion, but couldn’t remember hearing anything bad about them. Honestly, she couldn’t recall much of anything really.

She supposed they sounded pretty adamant to hear from Dr. Thomas.

Jennifer debated with herself. She felt like she had screwed up, so maybe she should look into this a little more. Staying long enough to make sure the security had her statement before excusing herself, she slipped away and made a quick call to her roommate. The promise of dinner and her everything later, Jamie agreed to retrieve Jennifer’s books. Hanging up, she did a search online for Bastion Technologies to local the local facilities and narrow down her search.

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Bastion Technologies main offices were in Hanover in Northern Freedom, nestled amongst a multitude of smaller internet based companies and the like. It was not a particularly attractive location for what Bastion Technologies claimed to be. 


From a first glance at the online details, it seemed to be just offices rather than the development details, but who knew?


It wouldn't take long to get there, with either public transporation or under Jennifer's own power.

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Online didn’t tell her much as Jennifer rode the bus over the river and into the Hanover neighborhood. Stepping off the bus she headed off on foot following the map on her phone. As she got closer Jennifer ducked into an alley, Chimera re-emerging as she crested the rooftop of the attached building. From her vantage point she got her first glimpse of the Bastion Technologies building, nestled among the smaller companies and startups.

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