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Dog Days (IC)


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The Fens, Freedom City, New Jersey

Tuesday March 17, 2020, 9:12 PM


A light rain was falling on Freedom City this evening, making the cool night feel just a bit colder. Out in the dark streets of the Fens, the rain just added to the oppressive, downtrodden feeling that seemed to emanate from every dark alleyway. But from Jack Sounder, the Fens was the perfect place to seek to make amends for the mistakes of his past.


Strolling down the sidewalk of the mostly deserted streets, Jack took in a deep breath, trying his best to take in whatever smells were not being washed away by the rain.


Turning a corner, the former boxer and mob muscle spotted a group of four young men exiting a dark sedan further up the street. The four men moved with a cocky swagger that was all too familiar to Jack as they made their way up towards a small Mom-and-Pop corner store at the other end of the block. At least two of the young men had their hands in the pockets of the jackets in a way that made Jack certain they were armed….



Mali Benjawan was crouched near the edge of one of the three story tenements in the Fens, out on one of her regular patrols of one of the more run down and crime ridden parts of the city. But so far the unpleasant weather seemed to be keeping troublemakers indoors. Just as Mali was starting to consider heading back to the Du Temps building, she spotted a group of four young men making their way to the entrance to a small convenience store.


While they could well have just been a group of friends looking to buy some drinks and snacks, something about the way they moved and carried themselves made Mali study them a bit closer. As she watched, they drew close to the door and she saw one draw out a handgun from the pocket of his jacket as they made their way inside….

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Jack headed into a secluded ally to change into his outfit. It's a simple disguise but it's one that he felt he needed. Don't want people figuring out who he is and coming after him...


He returned to the street, silk mask and coveralls on, and headed for the stores back door, planning to take the crooks from the back.

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Crimson Tiger crept quietly behind the young men, keeping well out of sight. She listened carefully and waited for them to move. There were more of them than was usual for this kind of robbery, which seemed a little odd. It might just be a routine robbery, but she wanted to make sure that was what they were going to do. That, and she wanted to make sure she could intercept them if any of them ran from her. 

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Climbing down from the rooftop she was on slowed Crimson Tiger down a little bit, so by the time she had moved stealthily across the dark street, she saw the four toughs were already inside the store. Through the glass door and large windows, she could see one was in front of the counter, a handgun pointed at the shop keeper. At least two of the others had spread through the store among the aisles. The one she could see was knocking things off some of the shelves as he walked by.


Jack easily ducked into an ally and changed into his costume. As it turned out the ally he had gone into lead around to the back of the store the thugs had gone into, making it easy for him to move around in the shadows of the ally to the back door of the store. The door was locked, but even through it he could hear the sounds of yelling and some crashing noise from inside the store.

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Dog Pound leaned against the back door of the shop. The people who had gone in looked suspicous, sure, but he didn't really have any evidence that they were up to something. Of course it was always better to be safe than sorry with these things, and he wasn't going to just leave, especially now that he was in his uniform.


Only mildly disappointed by the locked back door (Damn, thought I was being clever), he hung out around back waiting to hear if any trouble started...and then he heard the crashes...and immediately he kicked the door open, busting the lock as he made his way into the shop. 

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These guys really didn't realize where they were. Freedom City was loaded with superheroes, and Crimson Tiger was right behind the man with the gun.


She elbowed him in the face and kicked the gun out of reach, sending the man sprawling. She knew she couldn't vanish again, so she just entered a ready stance. She knew none of them were a match for her in a straight fight, but there was always a chance that they weren't alone. There might be a lookout, more people, or a bunch of other possibilities. 


"Don't you guys realize that this place is patrolled by heroes? C'mon, are you that amateurish?" 

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Dog Pound smashed through the back door of the store, stepping into a dimly lit store room beyond. Across the room, the door to the store was open, the light from beyond shining in. And silhouetted against that light was one of the men who Dog Pound had spotted outside.

"What the…" The man yelled as he saw dark figure bust in through the back door and raised up what appeared to be a pistol.


Back in the convenience store, Crimson Tiger made very quick work of the man that had been standing closest to the door and had been pointing a gun at the attendant behind the counter. Now that the threat of a gun was gone, the attendant ducked down behind the counter and out of sight.


The two men that had fanned out through the store and had been smashing things with baseball bats turned towards the sound of Crimson Tiger's voice. They brought their bats up at the ready, but at least one had a slight look of hesitation in his eyes and he looked at the martial artist heroine.

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Crimson Tiger bolted forward, moving towards one of the men with surprising speed. She grabbed him by the head and slammed her knee into his face before he had time to react. He fell back and she turned to the next man. He was a bit too far away to close in immediately, but she didn't mind. He didn't look like he could handle her easily. 

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"Put the noisemaker down buddy" 


Dogpound rushed forward landing a haymaker square in the goons jaw. The force would send that goon straight to the ground, unconcious. He kicks the fallen crooks gun away as he heads to the front, his fighting spirit burning like a lit match. 


"Somebody could get hurt."

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It took only moments for the thugs that were tearing up the convenience store to go from a slight numerical advantage to only one left standing, as Crimson Tiger moved quickly to the next nearest man and methodically took him down, while another costumed individual dispatched the man that had been entering the back room and appeared in the doorway in his place.


The remaining thug was now trapped in a corner of the store near some of the refrigerators, with no way out that would not take him much too close to one of the two heroes that had appeared. There as a brief moment of hesitation on the man's face before he tossed his baseball back to the side and put his hands up into the air.

"I give up!" He stated simply.

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