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Free Actions: Activate Force Field power. Maintain Flight power.

Full Action: Use Perception-range Move Object to "grapple" one of the hoverbikes and "throw" it at the rider of another hoverbike (he won't actually release his "grip" on the bike).

The grapple attempt hits automatically, since the Move Object is Perception-range.

Grapple check: 33.

If he wins that:

Attack roll to throw the bike at another rider: 19.

If he hits, that's a DC25 Toughness save for both the bike itself and for the rider he's aiming it at.


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Yeah, the bike cannot beat that grapple check and the attack roll hits. So, toughness saves:


Pirate hit by hoverbike: 7, is out.

Hoverbike: 13, so it is pretty much destroyed as well.


I will also make a toughness save for the pirate that was riding the hoverbike and has now been flung to the ground after his bike was thrown (I will call this a DC 20 save), 24, he is actually okay.


Several of the pirates open fire on Dirge, with two managing to hit with a 20 and 25 (the second not a critical hit because they are just minions). Two DC 20 toughness saves for Dirge.

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