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Chinatown for a new player


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Hi there Monsterpoodle, welcome to the site!


To answer your questions:


1) Freedom City has a small Chinatown area in the West End.


2) To become part of the game, make a PC and submit them for Ref approval, then you can get started posting. We suggest you read our house rules and the Getting Started part of the Guidebook, which can help answer questions.


We have a Discord channel you will likely want to join to get questions answered about character ideas and is a good place to find others to join you in threads.

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You can find all the active characters on the site under the hero tab of the character bank. There's a lot of them as there's no one team but rather many, many heroes that pop in and out of threads and a handful of different teams made up of those characters as well as characters not on or not interested in a team. 

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