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  1. Today for Private Eye monthly we are interviewing Mike White, local gumshoe and veteran of the mean streets of Bedlam. It is a priviledge to have you here today and we have a bunch of questions for you. Why did you want to become a private investigator? It was something I had always dreamed about since I was a kid. Most kids dreamed of being the next Rocky Marciano, the Capo di Capo or chief of police. Not me, comics made me yearn for a life of excitement, solving crimes and getting all the dames. How's that going for you? Has it been what you expected? Yes and
  2. Mystik Enter the Shadow We all want our first times to be special, right? Beautiful, powerful, something that fills us with joy and light. In reality though it is usually an awkward fumbling in the dark, not really knowing what we are doing and praying we get it right. This is about my first time. Let me tell you about magic. I ain't talking 'bout pulling a rabbit from no hat or making a card appear. A rabbit in my neighbourhood becomes stew. Even Santa Claus pays protection money and Rudolph keeps the engine running for a quick getaway. No I am
  3. would that cover things like if I wanted silver hands or fire hands?
  4. He only has two attacks, punching stuff and a tranq gun. He has a strike power. All I want is for his punch to be able to affect things an ordinary punch can't. I don't want or need extra damage as that would put me over PL caps
  5. I have a character that wants to be able to cast a ritual that enables his punches to have different descriptors eg, "holy, silver, flaming fists of fury". I don't know if he is limited to one descriptor at a time although that would be weird seeing as most other powers seem to have more than one descriptor. How many ranks of variable descriptor would he need to be able use most descriptors? Is Limitation [unarmed attacks only] applicable or even necessary? Is it enhanced trait power or something else? Thanks for any help.
  6. Can Plastic Fantastic make a popular knowledge roll for some info about "Justice"? popular knowledge: 1d20+10 21
  7. Plaatic Fantastic condition 'curious'. Raphael had been looking forward to a 'music festival'. Real beings playing music with their own funny little appendages. When the skies erupted with noise and fury he wasn't sure if it was special effects, humans at war or entirely normal for this planet. He understood the principle of weather. The biodome had regularly programmed 'wet' days. The people around him didn't seem very relaxed though and most were scuttling for cover in the more solid lookng buildings. Maybe humans weren't entirely waterproof! He could see people struggling
  8. Ok.. I live in New Zealand. I am far too old to still be roleplaying Although I love DnD up to about 3.5, MnM 2e is still my favourite system to make characters in. When I am not feeding my online addiction I fish and occasionally hunt. I love the complex questions that are raised around comics and their morality. I also love the questions about how society would really look if Supers were amongst us. The Watchmen was one of my favourite movies. I love the little guys, making do on guts, luck and determination rather than the upper echelons of power, like Hulk, and Superman. Al
  9. Thank you. That feally clears things up.
  10. I just read the house rule that constructs if hit by a non-lethal attack automatically convert it to a lethal attack! This seems harsh, especially as constructs can't heal themselves, by definition. I know they get immunity to fortitude but it still seems to penalise them a lot considering that they also have to buy at least one stat up as well. Just out of interest how does extra effort affect constructs? I assume that they just can't do it (as they can't suffer from fatigue) which is another huge drawback especially when it comes to alternate powers, My interpretation may be wron
  11. Plastic Fantastic Power level: 10 (150pp) Trade-offs: -2 Defence +2 Toughness In Brief: Naive elastic alien trys to make Earth a better place. Theme: Barbie Girl by Aqua. Alternative identity: Although he can be anyone he wants he doesn't have a permanently established alternative persona. Birthplace: Biodome 7, Klovanis Orbital, Horsehead Nebula. Residence: 1480 King Boulevard (Crossroads) Base of Operations:? Occupation: stunt double. Affiliations: none yet Family: The gestacracy of Klovia, just not in this galaxy. Des
  12. Whoever has the power to do so, could they please delete Paper dragon and Arsenal forever. I don't think I can do it myself. If it is something I need to do could someone explain how.
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