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Homecoming (OOC)


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Okay, so Corona's shot was a mighty 1d20+8=25, meaning a direct hit. The robot tried to survive it, but he's a minion, and failed with a 1d20+10=16, meaning he is slag.


Robot 2 tried to hit Corona in the face, and it failed to make the cut, and Robot 3 failed similarly.


Robot 4 tried to assault Facs, but even I can see he failed miserably, while Robot 5 is gonna try and do the same. He might have hit with a 1d20+5=13, but with Facs having Impervious, I am guessing he doesn't do much. (+5 damage)

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Imp 10 abates the low blow


For facs's move he's gonna take 10 to attack the minion and take down attack through em till he can't no more.


DC25 toughness saves (using the old sheet.)

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Now, in the interest of having this actually be a fight that lasts beyond the first round, I am going to use a hero point to fiat she survives this rather than instantly goes down.


With Ex's permission.

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