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Do You Remember When...

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May 28, 2019. Freedom City. Bayside Mall. 2 AM.


The police lights were bright as they hauled the weapons traffickers away. Terrifica was tired. She turned to go, and she was not alone. Her partner, Miracle Girl, was by her side. “That was profoundly annoying.”


MG sighed. “Tell me about it. Did they really have to break out the-”


“Heavy plasma cannon?” Terrifica indicated her half incinerated longcoat. “I believe the phrase is, ‘you’re preaching to the choir.’ I liked this coat.”


MG smiled, amused. “No, I was talking about the electro mines. That last one hurt.”


They reached the Terrifi-cycle, and Terrifica leaned against it. “They had more than one of those? I was too busy punching them to notice. Ah, and that reminds me. It was…ugh, three years ago now. Electro mines, gauss rifles, magnetic frag grenades.” She smiled while sighed contentedly. “I do so like it when the wannabes have a theme and stick to it. Do you remember?”

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"The Gauss rifles? Yeah, I hate those things; they always make my teeth ache." Casey snapped open one of the pouches on her belt, and gingerly fished out the remains of an iPhone. "Ohhh; I knew I should have left it back at the dorm. Jeez, I go through phones like nobody's business; rest in pepperoni, iPhone 8!"


Luckily her water bottle was still intact, so she pulled it out and had a swig as she took a seat on the nearby curb. "What were those idiots after again? Some kind of super-retro tech from the Fifties?"

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Terrifica laughed, which anyone else would find very weird. “Heavens, no. The mad scientist…what his name? A moment. Things do get misfiled in here occasionally.” She rifled through her mental files. “Ah, Doctor Voltenstein. He froze himself in the 50s. Those were his henchmen. Well, their descendants. Talk about devotion.”


Three years ago


“I’m certain now. They’re completely insane.” Terrifica and Miracle Girl were not in Freedom City. This was just outside Boston. They had momentarily taken cover around the corner of a building. Terrifica had a lead on an old weapons cache deposited back in the 50s. A mad scientist super villain shut down by the Liberty League right before the McCarthy hearings. Ordinarily, Terrifica wouldn’t care enough to go find them. She’d have tagged them for AEGIS and gotten on with her day, but apparently his henchteam was still around. And still packing some of their firepower. They cackled madly as they fired off Gauss rifles and flung electro mines and magnetic frag grenades. “Okay, we’re not doing this. Miracle Girl, if you would?”

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Casey, crouched down behind the building, winced as another gauss round slapped into the wall with a sharp crack. "Gah, it's like chewing on aluminum foil!" Her head blurred for a millisecond as she took a careful look around the corner. "Okay, they're pretty well dig in, so to speak. I'm going to try something a little different to see if I can draw them out." 


Prior to being stuck in this firefight, Casey and Terrifica had done a decent amount of research into Voltenstein and his merry  band of lunatics. This had included watching newsreel footage of Doctor Goofball in action, and hearing a few of his rambling  power-mad speeches. His followers were cult-like, and lived to see him return from his cryogenic sleep.


Miracle Girl pulled out her iPhone, her fingers rapidly tapping the touchscreen "Just a quick visit to Google Translate...there!"


She slid her phone back in its pouch, cleared throat a few times, then called out in an eerie approximation of Voltenstein's voice, but with considerable electronic crackle.




The last was the mad scientist's personal motto, a megalomaniacal twist on a classic Nazi slogan. Casey waited to see the enemies' response.

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Embarrassingly, they no longer spoke German. The weapons fire stopped. “Doctor?” Came a very confused voice. When Miracle Girl turned to look at Terrifica, she was not there. For Terrifica had fired her grapple gun and ascended to the roof. “<Death to the Scions of Voltage!>” Her Mandarin was of course flawless, being her first language. And the heavy particle weapon that was the Terrifi-Cannon (part of her staff) also made an impact. On the street behind the henchteam. The hole was big, the reaction immediate. For like all proper mad scientists, Doctor Voltenstein had a rival. The self styled epitome of terror and doctor of mayhem, the Meteor Dragon. He worked with gravitics during the same period. He was also assumed dead after trying to pull down the moon and only succeeding in getting the Centurion to assault his lab. The machine overloaded and blew the lab to bits. The henchteam whirled to face the new threat. “Doctor, we are under attack! Aid us!” That ought to do it.

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"They forgot how to speak German," Casey muttered to herself as she shook her head. "What meatheads!" She turned to ask her mentor a question, but noted Terrifica was already on the move. "Well, okay then! Let's make something happen!"


The criminal oafs sounded so pathetic when they called out for their leader, she almost felt bad for them. Almost. Switching to thickly accented English, she tried a new tactic as she called out once again.




If this actually works...

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