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A Different Kind of Justice OOC

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A miss!


The Winged Wonder does another light blast, this time with a Visual Dazzle: 24

That's a hit: DC16 Reflex Save to avoid being blinded.

And then she tries to get away!


17 - Ms. Bright - 3HP - Uninjured

3 - Winged Wonder - Bruise (x1)

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Since its a HP reroll and you rolled under 11, that's +10 to the roll for a total of 26 and a hit.


TOU: 16, fail by 4, so another bruise and some more panic at being touched again. Gimme an IC of hitting the birdie!


17 - Ms. Bright - 2HP - Uninjured

3 - Winged Wonder - Bruise (x2)

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Hit and crit! TOU save vs. DC27: 15

Fail by 12, Staggered and Dazed!

The Winged Wonder is really not feeling combative right now, but the next action is up to you, of course!


17 - Ms. Bright - 2HP - Uninjured

3 - Winged Wonder - Bruise (x2), Staggered, Dazed (can act next round)

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Sense Motive: 20


It works!


Attacking with a Snare of Light, just in case you don't want to autofail it: 16

Yeah, she's missing unless you want to get caught, of course. Rank 6 Snare, for purposes of eventual breaking.

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