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20 Questions


1. Where is your hero from?
Emerald City

2. How would your hero physically describe him/herself? Is this different from how others would?
Slim. Average looking. Others would say the same.

3. Does your hero have distinguishing speech characteristics or recurring mannerisms?
Tends to speak in short sentences and take notes in a small book.

4. What is your hero's motivation?
Expose the conspiracy running Emerald City.

5. What are your hero's greatest strengths and weaknesses?
Stubborn to the point of never giving up. An inability to trust others.

6. What does your hero love? What does your hero hate?
Loved his aunt, loves his sister. Hates the villains that are villains just to be villains, and the conspiracy that runs Emerald City.

7. How would you describe your character's mental and emotional state?
Somewhat unhinged, paranoid. Maybe post traumatic stress disorder from the events that killed his aunt and gave him his power.

8. What does your hero fear the most?
Never getting revenge.

9. What is your character's greatest ambition?
To expose the conspiracy that controls Emerald City.

10. How does your hero feel about the state of the world and his/her place in it?
The world is run by evil men, and he is one of the few that know about it. He is not happy about it, but he will do what he can to make it better.

11. Does your hero have any prejudices? How does he/she get along with others?
Very untrusting of others in general. No special prejudices, but people that seem to be overly naive or believe in authorities.

12. Where do your heroes loyalties lie? In what order?
To his sister, then the people of the city.

13. Does your hero have a lover or partner? How do they feel about the hero now?

14. Does your hero have a family? What is the relationship there like?
A distant father and mother, who seems him as second best to his older sister. His relationship to his sister is much better, though lately, they haven't seen each other much.

15. How would the people closest to your hero describe him or her?
Out of super hero identity: Arrogant. As Rebellion: Paranoid.

16. Is your hero a role model?

17. How spiritual is your hero? Does your hero follow a relgious tradition?
He isn't spiritual at all.

18. Is your hero part of a team, or would he/she like to be? Why?
Elliot works alone, and though he would like to have allies, it would take something special for him to trust others enough.

19. How does your hero feel about the place of metahumans and aliens on Earth?
Too many powerful beings that use that power for their own gain, harming others in the process.

20. If you could give one piece of advice to your hero, what would it be?
You can find allies to trust.

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Who are you? Sum yourself up in one sentence.
I'm the rebellion that'll tear down the conspiracy that controls my city.

Do you have any nicknames, street names, titles, or nom de plume?
I go by Rebellion. At Elysium Academy, I'm known as the Bronze Hornet.

What is your full birth name?
Elliot Elijah Elder.

Where do you live?
In the dorms in Elysium Academy, in Emerald City.

How old are you? What year were you born (if applicable)? 
17. Born 2002.

Physical Traits

What is your gender? If not applicable, please explain.
I am male.

How would you describe your heritage?
Old riches. I'm not even sure where my father's money comes from.

How tall are you?

What is your body type?
Slim and athletic.

Do you have any particular weaknesses, such as allergies or physical disabilities?
I'm allergic to straberries.

How do you carry yourself? Are you graceful, or heavy on your feet? Can you be stealthy, do you walk with confidence? 
With pride and arrogance. But that's not who I am, not anymore. While acting as Rebellion, I tend to hunch slightly, hands in pockets, keep to shadows.

Describe your skin, eye, and hair color. 
Caucasian skin, blonde hair, hazel eyes. Alternatively, pitch black skin and everything, and bright white eyes.

How do you wear your hair, if applicable? Do you have facial hair?
Short. Not a buzzcut, by any means, but short. I keep clean shaved.

Do you consider yourself attractive? Do others?
I don't give it much thought. Reasonably so, I think.

Do you have any scars, tattoos, piercings, or birthmarks?
Various minor scars and marks on my body, from training exercises at Elysium.

Do you resemble anyone famous?
Not that I know.

Do you have a dominant hand?

What kind of clothing do you wear?
Mostly expensive brands. A life of privilege and all that, even if I would rather not. Light colors.

Do you wear makeup?

What is your vocal range? Is your voice distinctive in some way?
Baritone. And no, not at all, though it tends to go deeper when I put on my mask.

Do you have any distinctive habits, nervous tics, or mannerisms? Where did they come from, and what causes them? Do other people notice and remark on these habits? Do they annoy you or other people? 
I take notes. I've seen a range of reactions. Some are amused, some are very annoyed. Some seem to be unnerved.


Where do you come from?
Emerald City. The richer side of town.

Have you made any major moves, or do you live in your hometown?
I have yet to live Emerald on anything but vacations. We have always lived in the Elder mansion.

Do you feel loyal to your country of citizenship? Do you consider yourself patriotic? How do you feel about the government of your country?
No. There is probably some conspiracy running that, too.

How do you feel about the place you come from? 
Emerald City is a strange town, full of secrets and conspiracies. I am sure it is under the control of someone powerful and very evil. I will do all I can to expose them.

Where is your home town? What was/is it like?
Emerald City. Its a great place for the rich and powerful. Not so great for the people in other parts of town.

Growing up, were most of the people you knew similar to you, or were you somehow a minority? How did that affect you? 
I grew up around the rich and powerful. So, just like my family, I guess. It made me rather arrogant towards those that had less than me.

Is there something you've always been really good at or really bad at? How has that affected your life? 
Not really, which made me the unfavorite to both my parents.

Were there any traumatic experiences in your early years (death of a family member, abandonment, orphaned at an early age)?
No, aside from my parents favoring my sister, I've actually had it pretty good.

Briefly describe a defining moment in your childhood and how it influenced your life.
Dad came home from a trip, had brought a present for us as usual. When he handed it to me, I noticed that he was bleeding from under his shirt. He said it was a scratch and hid it, but since then, he always seemed to be more withdrawn around me.

What stupid things did you do when you were younger?
Act arrogant and superior to everyone else, even if I wasn't in any way. I had money, I had status. Now I gotta keep doing it to keep up my cover.

Where did you go to school? How much school did you have, and did you enjoy it?
Private school with private tutors until I was enrolled in Elysium Academy. I liked the private school more than Elysium, at least.

Do you have any mementos of your childhood? What are they, and why did you keep them? If you have none, why not?
I have some books my father once gave me as a gift, about dinosaurs. Dunno why I kept them. Remembering when I wasn't second best, maybe? A stuffed plush bear that aunt Elaine got me when I was a little kid. It was my best friend, growing up.

When did you decide to become a hero? Why? Did anyone influence you one way or another in the decision?
When aunt Elaine was killed by the Terror, and it then turned to me. It didn't kill me, but showed me its creators, and why it killed my aunt. I got powers after that, and that made the choice for me.

Is the reason you give people for becoming a hero different than your real reason? If so, why?
I don't tell people why.

Do you have any deep, dark secrets in the past that may come back to haunt you?
I am a student at Elysium Academy, studying to become a super villain. I imagine many heroes would be reluctant to work with me, if they knew.

Do you represent yourself as being different from who you really are? Why?
Yes. I have to keep up the cover of not having changed at all. Who knows the punishment for being a secret hero at a villain school?

If you do have these secrets, what do you fear would happen if the truth became known? How far would you go to protect those secrets? 
I won't kill for them, but I will go far. 

Do you have any sort of criminal record? If so, is it public knowledge?


What are your biological parents' names? 
Emma Emmelie Elder, born Kessler, and Everett Eaton Elder.

Were you raised by them? If not, please explain and describe who raised you.
I suppose, but most by an army of nannies and servants, and aunt Elaine, of course.

What was their standing in the community? What did/do they do for a living?
High. Mom's a politician, who seems pretty popular. Dad's rich, living off his fortune and investments, and many, many travels.

Where are your parents now?
Still living at the Elder Mansion.

Did your family stay in one area or move around a lot?
Stayed put. Why should they leave?

How did you get along with their parents? How do you get along with them now (if applicable).
We used to get along. They loved me. But, my sister, and as much as I love Elaine, she was just better at evrything. Eventually, she got all the attention. My parents were always busy, and she got all the attention. Now, I don't see them much. They seem almost embarassed at my standing at Elysium Academy.

How do your parents view you now, or how would they? 
They probably still see me as second best to Elaine, or maybe as an embarassment.

Do you have any siblings? If so how many and what are their names? Describe your relationship with them.
Elaine is great. She's my older sister, and we've always been best friends, though I haven't seen her much since enrolling at Elysium.

What was your birth order in the family?
Second child.

Where are your siblings now (if applicable)? Do they have families of their own? What do they do?
Elaine's studying at college, still living at home. I think she's doing some internship with my dad, but I got no idea what they're doing.

Do you stay in touch with them or have you become estranged?
We try, but Elysium Academy isn't big on outside contact.

Do you love or hate one member of the family in particular?

Is any member of the family special to you in any way (perhaps, as a confidant, mentor, or arch-rival)?
Aunt Elaine and Elaine, my sister. Always used to have time for me, always there for me.

Are there any black (or white) sheep in the family (including you)? If so, please explain.
I suppose I am. My family aren't fond of my current standing at Elysium.

Do you have a notorious or celebrated ancestor? If so, please explain, including how it has affected your life.
Not that I know.

Do you have a partner and children currently? If so, please describe them.

If you do not have a partner or children, do you want them someday? How firm are you in your opinion on this, and what might change your mind?
Never given it much thought. Doesn't seem like something that would happen any time soon.

What type of person would be your ideal mate?
Someone strong.


Do you have any close friends? If so, please describe them, and how you came to be close to them.

Do you have a best friend? If so, how did they become your best friend? How close are you to your best friend?

If you were to go missing, who would worry about you?
My sister. My parents, I guess.

Have you lost any loves? If so, how did it happen, and what did you do?

Do you have any bitter enemies? If so, please describe them and their history with you.
The Terror killed aunt Elaine, gave me powers and knowledge. I want to stop it, and more importantly, stop its masters.

If you have enemies, how do you think they might attempt to work against you in the future?
I got enemies, alright. The question is, do they know about me? From what I've seen, the conspiracy that runs Emerald are willing to do anything to keep their power. I must be prepared to do anything to stop them.

What is the worst thing someone has done to you?
Killed my aunt Elaine i nfront of my eyes.

Where do your loyalties lie? In what order?
To my sister. Then the people of the city.

Who or what do you trust the most? Why?
My sister, Elaine. She has never let me down.

Who or what do you despise? Why?
The conspiracy that controls my city. They killed my aunt. My mother's in their pocket. Who knows what else they are doing?

What qualities do you admire most in other people? Are these qualities you possess?
Being resolute, strong, true and standing up for their beliefs. And no, I don't think I do.

What qualities do you hate most in other people? Do you have any of those qualities?
Liars, manipulators. I tend to do both.

Do you have a secret identity? If so, who knows it? Do you hide it from people who are close to you? Why? 
Yes. No one knows but me. Anyone could be in the conspiracy's pocket.

Do you work well on teams and in groups? Are you a leader or a follower?
I had training as both a leader and a follower. I prefer to work alone.

Are you on a super team? If so, how do you get along with your comrades? Do you trust them, or do you have secrets from them?

Are you a member of any church, fraternal organization, club, committee, political party, or other group? How much time do you spend on that?

Personality & Beliefs

Who are your heroes?
My aunt Elaine. Happy, supporting. My dad used to be.

Did you ever become disillusioned with former heroes or idols? If so, why and what were the circumstances?
My dad. He's got some sort of secret, not sure what, but it was enough to make him withdraw from me when I saw blood under his shirt.

Do you like being a hero? If so, what is the most rewarding part? If not, what makes you keep doing it?
It is... liberating. Put on a mask, become something else. Something that can change things.

Is there anything that would make you give up hero work, or even switch sides?
I've seen the other side. I'd rather die.

What are your short term goals (what would you like to be doing within a year)?
Stop the Terror. I doubt it'll happen that quick.

What are your long term goals (what would you like to be doing twenty years from now)?
Destroy the conspiracy that rules Emerald City. I know its not that easy, or quick, but I will try.

What is your greatest fear? Why? What do you do when something triggers this fear?
My sister being punished for my actions. Its the one thing to stop me.

Is there anything you would give you life for? 
My sister. My cause.

How do you feel about money and material wealth? Do you desire it or disdain it? Are you miserly with what you have, or do you like to share? Is it a mark of success, or a means to an end?
I grew up wealthy, and money is useful. It is not something I desire, but not something I'm afraid to use, either. Its nothing but a means to an end for me.

How do you generally treat others?
I try to keep them at arm's length.

Are you a trusting person? Has your trust ever been abused?

Are you introverted (shy and withdrawn) or extroverted (outgoing)? Do you have a lot of self-confidence?
Introvert, but I am confident in myself.

How do you act around attractive, available members of your preferred sex? 
As I do around others.

What are your most annoying habits?
Having to keep up a false facade means acting like I used to. I hate that arrogance, but I have to keep doing it.

Do you feel contempt for any general category of people? Who are they, and why?
Unrepentant villains. There are those pushed into that life, and those that do it because they can. No one should be a villain and hurt others just because.

What is your favorite food? Do you prefer any particular type of food? Do you take the time to enjoy your food, or do you eat as fast as you can?
Pizza with ham, pineapple and cocktail sausages, but my tastes are broad. I usually take my time. Enjoy what is good in life.

What is your favorite drink (alcoholic or otherwise)?

What is your favorite treat (dessert)?
Apple pie. Aunt Elaine used to make the best in the world.

Are there any specific foodstuffs that you find disgusting or refuse to eat?

What is your favorite color? Are there any colors you dislike?
Blue. Not a big fan of bronze.

What sort of music do you like? Is there any that you hate?
Something with a good beat and an edge to it. Harder music in general. I hate bubblegum pop style music.

If you have a favorite scent, what is it?

Do you have a favorite animal?

What is your most treasured possession? Why?
The teddy bear that aunt Elaine gave me. It has always been with me, and is my best memento of her.

Do you enjoy "roughing it", or do you prefer your creature comforts?
Either way is fine.

Is there a job or a task you would absolutely refuse to do?
Not if it leads me to the truth.

Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? If so, how do your beliefs affect your life?How important is it to you?

Was your faith influenced or molded by anyone special?
My parents were anything but, it sort of affected me.

If you belong to a religious organization, how often do you attend? Do you have a specific place of worship, or friends within the organization? How much do you agree with the beliefs of your organization? 
I don't.

Could you kill? Have you killed?
I've been trained to, if necessary. I don't know if I could, but it might be necessary.

What circumstances led to you forming that conviction, or taking that action?
Training at Elysium Academy. I don't want to kill, but it might be necessary.

Are there circumstances under which you believe it is permissible to kill? What are they?
No other options. To stop someone utterly beyond redemption that the law could never touch.

How would you react to watching someone kill another person? Would your reaction be different if the killer was a friend or an enemy of yours? 
All depends on the circumstance. If not for the right reason, I would stop them.

How would you react if something important was stolen from you?
Anger. Find them. Get it back. Make them regret it.

How would you react to public humiliation?
I live that, at Elysium Academy. I have gotten good at ignoring it.

How would you react if a good friend or relative were purposely or accidentally killed? Has it happened to you?
Go on a lonesome crusade to punish and stop the conspiracy that runs the city to take revenge. Yes. It has happened.

What do you consider to be the worst crime someone could commit and why?
Murder. There is just nothing after.

If your life were to end in 24 hours, what five things would you do in those remaining hours?
Seek out any lead I could find, no longer caring about going unnoticed. Bust any potential source to the conspiracy. Make them know I was coming. Finally stop them. Say goodbye to my sister.

Career & Training

Do you have any special training in your hero skills? If so, where and how did you get it?
Not in hero skills. More like villain skills. Standard curriculum at Elysium Academy, but I'm trying to use it for good.

Who taught you the most about your heroing abilities? What was your relationship with that person?
No one. I have kept my powers hidden from anyone but myself.

Do you have any particularly unusual skills? How did you acquire them?
I am an ace with batons, both melee and thrown. Someone choose that I should learn to use them at Elysium.

Do you do something besides hero work for a living? Have you ever done anything else, or do you plan to?
I'll probably need to do something eventually, but so far, I'm still doing fine with my parents' money.

What is your preferred combat style?
Beat them down quickly. Scare them witless.

Have you ever received any awards or honours?

What skill areas would you like most to improve in? Is there anything you can't do that you wish desperately you could?
Learning how to be more of a hero, I guess. I'd love to be more sociable, but I just can't afford to trust people.

How do you act around people who are more skilled than you in areas you'd like to improve? Are you jealous, or do you try and learn?
I don't let it show, but I observe and learn.

Lifestyle & Hobbies

What is a normal day for you? How do you feel when something interrupts this routine?
Spend the day pretending to be my old self at Elysium, be a good little villain student. Sneak out at night and try to figure out how to help the city. Not much I can do to change that, without revealing myself.

Do you have any hobbies, or interests outside hero work? What are they, and where did you pick them up?
I don't have time for that.

What do you do for fun?
I don't.

Do you have a costume? What does it look like?
Not really. I tend to wear blue pants, blue jacket and a blue cap, but I'll just use what I'm wearing. Helps that I can change how I look, and my default form seems to be completely black, with only glowing white eyes visible.

How do you normally dress when not in costume?
Elysium Academy uniform.

What do you wear to bed most nights?

Do you wear any special jewelry? What is it, and what does it look like?

Do you have a special place where you keep your valuables?
A secret spot in my room at Elysium.

What's your preferred means of local travel? How about long distance?
Car. But I tend to just jump around town when in costume.


Have you ever made a will, or tried to make arrangements for your death? What provisions did you make? 

If your features were to be destroyed beyond recognition, is there any other way of identifying your body?
Not as far as I know.

What would you like to be remembered for after your death?
Not being a villain.

Do you believe you pose a threat to the public? Why or why not?
Maybe. I got my powers from the Terror. Who knows what else they'll do?

What do you perceive as your greatest strength?
My power.

What do you perceive as your greatest weakness?
I can't afford to trust anyone.

As a player, if you could, what advice would you give your character? Speak as if he/she were sitting right here in front of you. Use proper tone so they might heed your advice...
Find people you can trust. You cannot beat a conspiracy on your own.

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Terror Night



The single word pounded through Elliot's skull. Run! Get away. Be anywhere but here. Be somewhere else, anywhere else. 

He scrambled through the mansion, though his home. Almost falling as he heard the heavy steps behind him, echoing through the empty halls. How could this be happening? The mansion was supposed to have security. It was supposed to be safe! The safest place he knew! And now he was running from his life, rushing, crawling, stumbling, doing all he could to get away from the strange thing that had smashed through the beautiful stained glass that his mother had picked for small dining room. He had been alone with the staff, so of course Elliot had chosen that for his dinner. Then a huddled figure, covered in rags and clothes full of holes had crashed through the window. At first, Elliot had hesitated. The guard that had been standing behind him had approached the figure, a hand on his holster. Then it had stared at him, and Elliot had seen the large man, an experienced security guard, a former military man, piss his pants. Then he was blown clean across the room with a single blow. And Elliot saw the figure's glowing eyes, and he knew terror like never before.

Elliot ran through the kitchen. He should have chosen another path, but maybe, just maybe, the staff could stop him. The two cooks panicked as much as him, quickly running, covering, doing everything they could to leave the Terror that followed Elliot alone. With heavy steps, the ragged figure simply continued through the room, singleminded in its pursuit.

Up the stairs, around the corner. The thing was still behind him. Down to his sister's room, turn a sharp right into her room and out the window. Elliot's heart was beating through his chest as he climbed out on the roof, carefully moving along the roof. He had to have lost the thing following him by now. It moved slowly, took careful steps. He was running. There was no way it could catch up, right. He was starting to relax, taking several further steps along the rooftop. A few more, and he could reach an open window, slip inside.

Then Elliot felt it. The creeping fear. The shiver running up his spine. The terror. He slowly turned. A thin, feminine hand grasped onto the edge of the window that Elliot had crawled through moments before. The hand was grey, sickly looking, and then the creature's face, or rather, its glowing white eyes in the darkness of its hood, appeared in the window. 

Elliot screamed. His feet slipped under him, he fell and slid down the tiles. He scraped his arms, his fingers bloody from trying to hold on, but Elliot didn't even notice the pain. And then he was falling. Instincts took over, honed from months of drill sergeants and villains-turned-teachers at Elysium Academy. He rolled hitting the ground, before crashing into a large pot that his mother had bought at some way too expensive shop. Grabbing his shoulder, Elliot looked up. The creature stood above him, illuminated in the light from the moon. Its eyes shone. It was mesmerizing. Elliot couldn't even move as it jumped, landing heavily in front of him. Standing to its full height, which was not even close to how tall Elliot had thought it would be, it slowly approached. It raised its right hand towards him. Elliot wanted to run. He wanted to scream. He couldn't more. Couldn't even blink. Could only watch as the thing, as the Terror before him approached. 

And then, it fell. Like all strength had suddenly left its body, the creature simply crumbled in front of Elliot. He blinked. He could move again. He could run. He could... He could not help but stare at the thing before him. He should run. He should get help, but the way the hood had pulled away, there was something about the hair, the face, even gray and burnt out as it seemed. 

And then the thing moved again, looking up. The white glow was there in the eyes, the fear striking Elliot again. It was aunt Elaine. Shrivelled, dying, but it was aunt Elaine. She muttered two words. Elliot couldn't hear them. There was something. Something was there. Something was all around him. Something was in. Something terrible. He didn't hear voices, he didn't hear anything. But he saw things. He saw so many things. Whatever it was, it had him in its grip. The images whirled for his eyes. A large head, a man of steel, a man with glasses in the shadows, someone in a nice suit, a masked man. All watching from above, watching their new creation. They spoke of purpose. It was to be a weapon, one to spread fear, one to punish. One to kill, to tighten their grip. The voices flowed together. Elliot couldn't make out who said what. The faces begun to blend. Was it a giant head, or a giant head of steel? Who wore the mask? What was happening. 

He heard more. He saw horror. The thing in him had killed. It had terrorized. It was a rabid dog, let out only when it served their purpose. They were everywhere. They were everything. The city stood at their whim. No one could do anything without their knowing. And their plans. Oh, the glimpses he caught. The terror thing was just the tip of the iceberg. They were in the shadows, in the darkness, in the light, in the open daylight. The thing in him knew nothing of their names. It didn't care. It hated them. It loved when they released it. It had killed his aunt on their command. It had killed so many on their command. Death. Fear. Terror. Screams. It all flashed before his eyes. Over and over. Elliot felt his control slipping. Felt the fear thing move his hands. Felt himself fading.

And then it was gone. Elliot fell to his knees. Heart pounding. His clothes wet with sweat. His fingers bleeding as he clawed at the ground. His dead aunt before him. Images of terror and truth coursing through his mind.

And Elliot Elijah Elder screamed to the sky.

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