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Traumatized by the death of his aunt at the hands of the Terror, super villain in training Elliot Elijah Elder turns to the side of good and uses the powers and knowledge granted to him by his own survival to seek the truth of the conspiracy that secretly controls Emerald City.


Elliot Elijah Elder is the youngest of the prestigious Elder family, who have long made Emerald City their home. Born the second child of local politician Emma Emmelie and wealthy heir Everett Eaton Elder, he never found himself wanting for anything, except perhaps his parents' time and love. An intelligent young man, Elliot grew up alongside his older sister Elaine, named after their aunt, who would often spend more time with the children than their actual parents did. While Elliot's mother always seemed cold and distant, his father at least used to show him affection, at least until Elliot discovered blood under his shirt, after he had returned from one of his business trips. Soon after, the affection his father once had for Elliot began to fade, with both parents seeming to lavish all of their attention on Elliot's older sister.


Rarely interacting with others besides his family, Elliot grew confident in his intelligence, growing into an arrogant young man. He was naturally gifted, rarely needed to study or work for anything, and thus stopped ever pushing himself. He didn't need to, he could do whatever he needed without needing to spend time on activities that bored him. He was rich, he was smart, he could have everything he wanted by pointing at it. After all, his parents didn't care, they just gave him what he wanted, aside from time. His aunt Elaine seemed to be his only positive adult influence for much of his childhood, but her attempts at helping Elliot grow into a better person were soon stiffled.


To further her image and present Elliot as the All-American boy, he was forcibly enrolled in Elysium Academy, after having spent his time in more lax private schools or with private tutors. Forced to push himself, Elliot slowly, but surely, began down the path to become the Bronze Hornet, an identity forced upon him by a teacher that had taken an immediate dislike to the youth. Despite possessing no powers, Elliot's connections and intelligence soon catapulted him into various leadership positions, rising to the top student squads in the process. Seeing the power and reach a life as a villain could give him, Elliot started down a dark path. He strode with purpose and confidence through the halls of the academy, other, lesser students fearing his wrath.


All according to his mother's plan. Emma sought to gain even more power than she already had as a politician, but her ambitions were squashed by the Chamber, the secret rulers of Emerald City, before they could even begin. While she had planned to use his son and daughter to further her agenda, members of the Chamber discovered her plot and determined a suitable punishment to force Emma back in line: The Terror was set loose upon the Elder Mansion. At the time, only staff and Elliot were present. The Terror hunted him through the mansion, killing any member of the staff that found themselves in its path. Finally, it reached Elliot. The Terror collapsed, leaving his aunt Elaine's shrivelled corpse behind.


And then the Terror spirit possessed Elliot. He saw sights, he heard voices. He learned of the true power behind Emerald City. He learned how the Terror had been created, how it had been set upon his family. He learned so much, before it disappeared, leaving a traumatized Elliot behind.


Elliot was changed by the events, in more ways than one. Knowing the truth, or at least part of it, he found a distaste for villainy and powers, but not for revenge. He found his prestige and privelege at Elysium Academy stripped way, being demoted to the Omega Squad, the so-called "Jobber Squad", good only for lackeys to buy time for more important crimes. His body was changing, growing stronger, faster, more resilient. When he wore a mask, he gained powers akin to that of the Terror. He formulated a plan. He would find the truth. He would expose the truth. All he needed was to keep up appearances, so no one would suspect him.


And soon after, Rebellion was first seen prowling the streets of Emerald City for the truth.


Costume and Appearance
Elliot is a young man with a slightly muscular athletic build, owing to both good genes and regular exercise. He has short blonde hair and hazel eyes, and he is usually clean shaven. He is rather average looking appearance wise. He prefers lighter colors, such as white, light blue and the like, or wearing clothes in the Elysium Academy colors.


As the Bronze Hornet, Elliot wears a dark grey uniform with heavy black boots and gloves, and a darker grey jacket with a large bronze colored hornet symbol on the back. He wears a black full face mask with a similar bronze colored horney symbol, with his eyes in its wings. He uses a pair of bronze colored batons.


When he is acting as Rebellion, Elliot is completely black and apparently featureless, with only glowing white eyes visible. He does not appear to have a nose, mouth or ears, though at least the mouth can appear as a white line, if Elliot puts in the effort. He will wear whatever clothes is at hand when putting on a mask to transform, though his most used look is a pair of dark blue pants, a blue jacket and a blue cap. He wields a pair of dark grey batons.


Elliot's powers come from two sources, though he is only aware of one. He has inherited his father's ability to change his features, morphing his appearance, such as his Rebellion disguise or visually blending in with the area around him. As these abilities first appeared after Elliot's traumatic encounter with the Terror, he believes that all of his powers come from his exposure to the Terror's abilities. The power of the Terror has vastly improved Elliot's physical and mental abilities, making him much strong and tougher than he would normally have been.


Due to a mental block caused by the trauma of facing the Terror, Elliot has locked several of his abilities away until he puts on a mask of some kind. Aside from only being able to access his morphic abilities this way, putting on a mask allows Elliot to access several psionic abilities. The most obvious is the abilitiy to mentally enhance how far he can leap, that he can cling to walls and psionically slow his falls, making a fall from almost any height safe. He becomes unable to feel fear, which can be both a boon and a bane, driving him to some reckless actions. Finally, he is able to project terror on those around him, causing them to fear him and run in fright, or even paralyze them with fear.


Owing to his training at the Elysium Academy, Elliot is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, and skilled in the use of batons both in melee and thrown. He prefers using these weapons when forced into combat.


Allies & Relations

  • Emma Emmelie Elder: Elliot's mother is a politician in Emerald City. A rising star, she married into the Elder family in part due to the power of their name, and their fortune. Her marriage to Everett Elder seems to be one of convenience rather than one of any feelings of love. Firmly in the pocket of the Chamber, Emma's attempt at rebellion against the conspiracy led to the Terror killing her sister as punishment. Distant to Elliot, clearly favoring his older, more accomplished sister.
  • Everett Eaton Elder: Elliot's father, the patriarch of the Elder family, and all the wealth of the family. Though he once tried to pursue an actually romantic relationship with Elliot's mother, he eventually relented to living a marriage of convenience. While he used to be warm and affectionate towards Elliot, he grew cold when Elliot discovered what could have revealed his true identity. While feigning being a rich idiot with no day job, Everett is in reality the super villain the Royal, an agent of the Chamber employed primarily in remote locations.
  • Elaine Emma Elder: Elliot's older sister, a caring young woman attending college, with the aim of becoming a lawyer. The favored child, as she displayed powers like her father's from a young age, unlike Elliot. Everett has recently begun showing interest in training her as a successor. Elaine and Elliot has always had a close relationship, supporting each other, though they have fallen out of touch since Elliot began attending Elysium Academy.
  • Elaine Kessler: Elliot's beloved aunt. Elaine lived at the Elder Mansion since Elliot's childhood, often taking care of her nephew and niece, showering them with the love that their absent parents did not. A supportive figure in Everett's life, she was killed by possession by the Terror as punishment for Emma's attempted rebellion against the Chamber. 





  • September: Elliot enrolls in Elyisum Academy, quickly rising through the ranks.



  • February 15th: The Elder Mansion is attacked by the Terror, possessing his aunt Elaine. Elliot is left traumatized by the events.
  • February 24th: Elliot discovers the events on February 15th granted him super human powers. 
  • March 25th: Elliot first appears as Rebellion, infiltrating a MarsTech warehouse.


  • May 16th: School Rumble: Rebellion discovers that he is not the only hero in hiding at Elysium Academy.


  • August 5th: Otherworld Capers: Rebellion and the Mighty Meta-Naut fights Captain Crime.


Concept & Design Notes

The Question meets Spider-Man with fear powers.



What's Up Danger - Blackway & Black Caviar

Untravelled Road -Thousand Foot Krutch 

Help Is On The Way - Rise Against 

Ready To Fall - Rise Against 

Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against 

Worth Dying For - Rise Against 

Behind Closed Doors - Rise Against 

Life Less Frightening - Rise Against 

Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated - Rise Against 

A Deep Mentality Dual Mix - Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night 

I'm Dangerous - The EverLove

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