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To Your Good Health (OOC)


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A good roll!


The Skeleton Staff is a small but relatively succesfull company involving cutting edge AI/Computer systems in medical care. They have developed robotic surgeons, AI diagnostic systems, and even Care home robots all with moderate degree of success (glitches, but workable). Aside from a few spurious and entirely unremarkable litigation attempts (all unfounded and to be expected!) Skeleton Staff seems "clean". 


The head of the company is Troy Cho, a brilliant computer engineer and mathematician. He has an unblemished record but has a history of not really being a "people person" - lacking in charisma and introverted. 


The four missing co-researchers are Amanda and Rose Wright (a married couple), Jacob Snieber, and Phillip Flywheel. All are recognised expert computer programmers but there is no other particularly pertinent information. 

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Looks like Replica is going for the direct approach instead!


You already mentioned that the AI/Cancer Blob/Sludge Cyborg wasn't particularly tough so I'm not sure if a Attack roll is necessary?


Would you need a Toughness roll, though?

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