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An awesome strat!


Can you give me a reflex roll DC 15 to perfom that stunt?


If not you can make another DC 15 reflex roll to hold on to something and not fall. If you fall, its a bad tumble and a DC 20 Tough save!

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Initiative: 1d20+2 = 14


Well, then, not quite in combat, but let's make it combat!


Feint as Move action that she's about to drop the gun, so -5 to Bluff, but hey: 1d20+3 = 22

Who needs luck when you got justice on your side?


And taking a shot a the guard aiming at her: Taking 10 if he's a minion for a total of 21, for a DC20 Tou, otherwise, attack roll: 1d20+11 = 20

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Thats enough to bluff and hit; and Tough Save: 1d20+4 19 knock him out!


Lets move into combat!


The other guide will switch target and fire at Justice: Fires at Justice: 1d20+4 24 yoikes! But fortunately minions cannot crit non-minions. So a "mere" DC 20 Toughness save. 


Jones will charge the remaining guard. Taking 10, he hits, and Tough Save: 1d20+4 13 the guard is out. So all rather short! 



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Right, switching gears. Its more important to help Anna than to find out more about the killbots, so Robin will use her awesome computer skills to search for anything with metaphasic energies, radiation, etc. Computers: 1d20+11 = 15

Really not Robin's day for being awesome at computers.

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Alright, Robin's gonna try and see if there's something nearby that she can store the data on, for later use. An USB key, a storage device, anything to bring the data along so she can research it a bit when somebody's not trying to plant explosives all around her. Search roll: 1d20+8 = 25

Of course, won't matter if there's nothing nearby, but its an attempt!

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Right, they're all being powered, and there's the whole thing with the bad energy that we wanna shut down, so Justice's gonna do a Search to try and locate an energy source for the bots, and with some luck, it'll be related to the energy she want shut down. 1d20+8 = 20


Hopefully that'll turn up something useful.


Also, how many killbots are we talking?

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No blowing stuff up without knowing what's up! 


Justice is gonna try to figure out what the explosive is, how powerful the blast will be and such, maybe if she knows how to disable it. I think that's under Physical Sciences, using Skill Mastery for a result of 22. Let me know if its not, then I'll roll for whatever else it might be.

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