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She? Wait, wait. Jones was here because of Anna. Could she be the one that had set these bombs up? And maybe she had made Jones' armor, too? He honestly didn't seem smart enough to have made it himself.


But, this was not good. He was starting to catch on... or rather, he had caught fully on. Yeah, of course she was stalling. It had taken him long enough to figure it out. The data transfer had to be done by now. She tried to steal a look at the screen again. Stealing data from bad guys? Alright. But this bomb? No, she wasn't about to set it to go off before she knew exactly what it did and how much it would take out.


"Yeah, but set right for what?" She didn't respond to the stalling comment. No, better not to. "How do you know you're not just being used, and this bomb is set to take you out with it? Easy way to hide their tracks." 

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This was a matter that made Jones explode, even if the bombs would not. 


He smashed his armoured fist down on one of the computer banks, shattering it. Sparks flew onto him, but he was livid enough not to notice the petty burns. 


"DAMN YOU!" he screamed, voice raw. "ANNA WOULD NEVER DO THAT!" he yelled at Robin, face completely contorted with rage. 


He levelled a fist at Robin. "YOU BEEN PLAYING ME FOR A FOOL!!!!" he said, now convinced of his righteousness. Whatever doubt he had, melted away in a moment. And any judgement with it. Clearly this was his red rag; suggesting that his mentor, the brains, was anything other than perfect (in his eyes, anyway). 



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Now that set him off! Robin took a step back without really thinking about it, just out of shock from Jones' reaction. Yeesh, he was loud. And kind of scary, now that he was smashing things left and right. She pulled the Justice Buster up, holding it towards Jones in one hand, with the bomb in the other.


"No, I don't think I'll do that." Piss him off, keep him unbalanced? Probably the best bet here. "If this thing goes off, it'll take you, me, this place, and everything around it out in one big explosion. I'm not gonna let that happen, pal." No reason to let him know that she'd disabled the bomb quite yet. "We gotta stop the bad guys, yeah, but what you wanna do is not any kind of justice!"


So, Anna was behind Jones, huh? Maybe Justice should pay her a visit later. If she could make it out of here, at least.

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Posted (edited)



It was hard to stop someone when their blood was up. But stop, Jones did. 


That was an act of instinctive self preservation however. 


Being threatened and controlled, and (in his mind) stabbed in the back, well, that didn't quell his mood any. Quite the reverse, in fact. 


Being told what to do never goes down well. 


So, conflict ruled his face, and arteries wobbled in his temple, struggling to keep up with the pressure. 


"..." came the initial grunt of fury. 


"Thats NOT YOUR CALL!" he yelled at her face. "THIS IS MY GIG! MY SHOW! MY VENGEANCE!" he demanded. 




But...just...he didn't punch her in the face. Perhaps because she held the trigger....

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Round and round Jones went. If he wasn't wearing an armor like that, Robin might have had to suppress a giggle at his lines. His gig, his show, his vengeance? Who even talked like that, outside TV? If anything, he sounded just like some anti-hero rivals or tragic bad guys from Kamen Rider. Robin moved another step back, keeping her distance while keeping her gun up. She wanted to be ready if he moved.


"What vengeance? Honestly, you wanna kill yourself and everyone else here, whether they're bad guys or not? That's just crazy. That's not vengeance. That'll just make you the bad guy! I know I've just met you, but I think you mean well, so, c'mon! Don't do this! Who is this Anna to you, anyway? Why'd she want to give you a bomb that'd blow up more than she said it would?" Keep talking, keep talking. Look for a way around him to get the hell out of there. Hope he didn't start trying any face punching.

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