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Hi, Guys. I'm Queenie. Ask Me Anything. [OPEN]

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Maybelle McQueen was many things. Master chef, restaurateur, solo superhero, Praetorian. What she was not was internet savvy. A touch embarrassing in the current age, maybe, but true nonetheless. So Hero House had it's hands full getting a hold of her and convincing her to do this. She was a face to face convo while feeding you kind of woman, and the internet was rather impersonal. At least that's how she saw it. But it was true that the vast majority of people couldn't just pop on down to Freedom City and visit the Southern Queen, so she agreed to do it. She was a terrible typist, stuck hunting and pecking. Well. Maybe the ring could help her next time. Her screen name was SouthernKitchenQueen.



Hi, guys. This is Queenie. Folks tell me you'd like to chat a spell. Well sunshine, I don't know much about this, but I'll do my best. Ask Me Anything.


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Lulu had learned about Maybelle McQueen and her restaurant not long after she arrived in Freedom; a quick Google search under 'best Southern cooking near me' placed the Southern Queen right at the top of the page. Just scanning the menu online made the Alabama girl's stomach gurgle, but once she found out she was not just a hero but a publicly out one  made her nervous about visiting the establishment. Somehow she imagined it being extremely awkward, so she kept putting off her visit.


But then one day while perusing Hero House, she saw Queenie was doing an AMA; at last, she could had a chance to ask the Southern-born heroine some real questions.






Hi Queenie! I'm a big fan of yours, and like you I'm a proud Dixie girl (Alabama represent!). I wanted to know what were the best and worst parts of moving north to Freedom? 



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