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Pacer Here. Ask Me Anything [OPEN]

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Mona Simms was not busy. Pacer could get anything done in seconds. So she was living as she always had. World traveling speedster. Changing continents several times a day, if not an hour. But she had a Twitter account (two, actually. one for each identity) and Pacer sported an Instagram for all the crazy pics she got from being able to get places most couldn't. Hero House got in touch through those, and it was surprisingly easy to get the tiny young woman to agree. Pacer was an excellent typist. Okay, no she was awful, but she was certainly fast. Her screen name was PaceSetter



Hey, fan boys and girls, it's the fastest girl in the west. Pacer here. Twitter and Insta's not enough you guys I guess, so all right. Ask Me Anything.


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Ishmael had ducked into an unused conference room at Emerald Tower right away after seeing the thread. Making excuses to go somewhere out of the way was pretty easy, ever since becoming a courier for MarsTech the lanky guy had found being invisible was easy, and learning the schedule of the place hadn't hurt. Tossing his backpack onto the table, Ishmael slumped down in a chair, kicked it back so he sped across the floor and bumped against the window and began typing a question. 



EMC_fiddy: "How do you stay independent?"


His finger hovered over the 'send' button. His stomach churned. This wasn't like usual, since he'd quietly dropped from the hero life while Mars fulfilled his end of the bargain he could still put on the costume and go chat with some of the others. This was someone he couldn't really talk to, someone who wouldn't know the full context of his new life. Would that make her more honest? Less? Was this really the superhero Pacer? 


Was this another trap? Another test?


He tapped the button. Let out the breath he hadn't realized he was holding in. Sooner or later, he'd have to make a choice anyway.

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Mona was sitting on the edge of a mountain. Specifically, a ledge in rock throwing distance from Machu Picchu. Air was a bit thin, but she’d be out of here in literally seconds, so it didn’t matter. In fact…she popped up to her feet and started running. The question confused her, and like just about everything, her solution was to go running.



PaceSetter: Dunno what you mean, broski. Fam’s got a little money. I picked up a delivery job which, you know, suits me. I don’t owe my powers to anyone but me, so I’m not tied down there.


Mona, almost uncharacteristically, hesitated to simply send that and that alone. She had stopped on a small tropical island in the middle of the Pacific to think a bit. Yeah, needed more. So, follow up post it was.



PaceSetter: I don’t know your life, man. But if you’re feeling tied down and you can’t take it, you can always cut yourself loose. There’s a price for that most of the time, but nothing comes free anyway. Just gotta be willing to pay. And if it’s bad guys that have got you tied down, lemme at ‘em. I’ll give ‘em a beatdown they won’t soon forget.


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