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Gunfire Night

Tiffany Korta

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So would like to search the area, it takes an hour to normally search a mile radius, with rapid as many times as I have it should take a lot less than 1 second. If I take 20 with maximum processing active I get a 31 on search. Would that be enough to get an outline of where people are and what the place looks like?

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Initiative: 14


I'm mildly confused, likely because I'm tired, do you want me to post an IC action for the surprise round before the initiative takes place or type an OOC action that I plan on taking after the surprise round...


My understanding is my initiative goes here and I roll some dice for my first round attack and then wait for the order of initiative to be determined for my next action...yes?

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Sorry for the delay, if your good we'll pick this all back up.


Just to be clear the eight thugs at the edge's, split into groups of two, the two in the middle aren't minion so I'll let you choose if you want to straight take down a minion or go for the bigger baddies.

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