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Festive Smear (OOC)


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So given Jette's respectable skills and profession, she can easily find out the Bad Beat is a Jazz club run by a retired cop, DIck young (and his pet cat, Old Pussy). It was nearly burned to the ground over a year ago, by a vigilante called the Burner (who wont be appearing in this thread so its incidental). It used to be run by crime, but Dick has turned it into a more musical venue, although it still has some old school criminals turning up (but behaving, for the most part, well). 


If you want any further information, post it here with Gather Info or Knowledge rolls (Pop culture or Streetwise, I guess). 

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Either / Or works!


WIth that knowledge roll ill post IC accordingly; you may recognise a few faces of criminals (ex and current) and cops (ex and current). You also know that "Bad Beat" is what you might call "Switzerland", where cops and crooks can drop off their normal profession and the door and just behave like normal people. Doesn't always work, but thats the unofficial rule. 


Anything else comes up, ill bear that streetwise roll in mind!

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