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Monorail Madness (OOC)


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Ok, so these idiots are PL 2, and frankly Gauss could take them down hand to hand (maybe taking a bruise or two at worst), so feel free to narrate however you want to teach them a lesson. The key is whether she openly uses her powers to do so. There will be no problems doing so, its just whether the one - armed man notices. 


If you want to pick up a cool scar from a lucky knife-swipe, or catch a bruise from a lucky punch, please feel free! However, any bruises or injuries you do get are moot, as this is the quick prologue and any "damage" you take will have healed by the main event. (Although of course you may want a momento scar!)

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We can scratch that HP use as it is suitably heroic - therefore, no net cost. 


Thats enough for DC 10 Diagnosis, and as far as you can see she has no serious injuries. A concussion maybe, and would need the normal hospital check up  / head scan, but not in need of imminate medical care. 

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For reference, the TRIBORG has flight 5, which is faster than Gauss. At the moment, he is moving all out


Rule reference (mainly for myself)


All Out: Moving four times your speed is an all out pace, the
equivalent of running or sprinting, 120 feet per round for a normal
unencumbered human. All out movement is a full action, and you
lose your dodge bonus, since you can’t easily avoid attacks. However,
if you’re using a movement power (see Chapter 5) you gain a +2
bonus to Defense per rank in that power; so a hero with Flight 5 moving
all out gets a +10 Defense bonus for his speed (it’s harder to hit a
fast-moving target).


I hate movement rules :( anyway by my calculations, he is travelling at 1000mph, or 10K feet. Thats 1 point of his CON allowance, which will also bring him to a turn in the monorail

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Time for initiative please!


Robots: Init: 1d20+3 19

Triborg: Initiative: 1d20+1 14


Even if you dont win initiative, feel free to respond IC, with some choice words!


For reference, the two robots are indeed Foundry Robots (DC 25 Tech Knowledge to recognise them). Mark 1 type. For this thread, they are not minions. (Dont worry, you wont be going against the Foundry full force in this thread!)


For stat reference:


additional boot thrusters (Flight 4), but sacrificing armour (Toughness 6)

STR 16 DEX 16 WIS 12 CHA 8

Notice +4 (+5)

Feats: Accurate Attacck

Powers: Blast 8, Immunity (Fort), Protection 6 (Impervious), Strike 5 (mighty) Supersenses 3( Darkvision, Radio)

Combat: Attack +6, Defence +6, Initiative +3

Saves: Tough +6, Fort -, Reflex +3, Will -



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The Robots armour is tough! Tough Save: 1d20+6 24


The RObots will charge down, so they are about fifty feet from Gauss and Triborg. Then, blast cannons at Triborg!


Blast Triborg: 2#1d20+6 12 10 both missing. 


I think as you moved your array to blast, that frees up Triborg, who will zoom off, but round the corner of the Monorail!


Round 2


22 Gauss - 4 HP

19 Robots [2]

14 Triborg (1000' Away around monorail curve!)



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Sorry for letting this slip past me.  Let's try something different...  Gauss is going to stunt "Nullify: All Electronics Extras: Area" off her blast.  DC 17 will saves from the 'bots to keep their blasters blasting and their thrusters from keeping them hurtling to the ground.

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I presume thats built as touch range, area extra!


Some Reflex Rolls for the area effect 1st

Reflex Saves: 4#1d20+3 4 7 17 16 actually only needed the first two, and both fail, so they get the full effect. 


They have no will save so its opposed nullify vs the power in question


Opposed Rolls: 2#1d20 3 9 both bad rolls, but with your +7 nullify you can switch off their flight. THis causes them to fall, and its a big fall. So big, in fact, that I am going waive the tough save and let them perish on the streets below!



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ok so that automatically hits, as perception range. 


Gauss - 3 HP


I think thats best handled as opposed flight vs telekenesis. 


Opposed Rolls: 2#1d20 13 15 which is actually a draw, but I think we should hand it to Gauss as arguably it should be his Power Rank x2. 


Post that IC if you will! :)

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