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Wall the Build (OOC)


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No problem. Thats kind of the default procedure here - its really impossible to keep track of "old sheets" in threads. For myself, I usually give the heads up if PL shifts just to alert the GM (it might mean a small shift in difficulty) - or when something really pertinent shuffles in the sheet (such as being an underwater thread and gaining immunity to drowning!)



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Click! Open Sesame!


Justice can enter the backstage area. Amber is drinking her wine and the three piece band is smoking, relaxing, or drinking as you see fit. You may, depending on how bold you wish to be, and/or how close you want to get unseen / unheard, wish to roll stealth - DC depending on how close you want to get but fairly low as everyone is relaxed and drunk. (e.g. DC 10 to get within whispering range of Amber without anyone seeing, DC 15 to approach her from behind and slap her face with a frozen kipper...or something...)

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