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Halloween on the Boardwalk (IC)


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October 31st, 2018, 7:30 PM
The Boardwalk, Freedom City


On the outside, the Boardwalk was much the same as usual, despite the day. Aside from a few pumpkins, ghosts and skeletons, the fronts of the casinos showed little of the holiday. Inside, it might be different. Posters around the Boardwalk told of special Halloween events. Escape rooms themed from horror movies. Horror movie marathons in cinemas housed inside the casinos themselves. Ghoulish deals and unholy bargains. All in the name of business. No trick or treaters appeared on the Boardwalk on this evening, aside from the few that were simply passing through. 


A man clad in a tuxedo stumbled through the streets. His clothes were an ill fit, probably a rental. He carried a bowler hat in his white glowed hands, occassionally grabing a napkin in his pocket to wipe the sweat from his brow. His once black hair was greying at the temples, and obviously thinning. His small black moustache was immaculate, and his pride and joy. He stumbled from passerby to passerby, quickly asking if they had seen a young woman with red skin that had left his act. He needed to find his assistant. And so, he finally saw a young woman with red skin, but perhaps not the one that he sought.

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Jessica's plans for All Hallow's Eve was familial. She had been gaining energy for the ritual that would happen. Today was all about gathering carnal spirits. Wrath was simple in this city. Chase down a few criminals, hope they resist, claim self defence when you teach them a lesson. Sloth was not waking up until two. Gluttony was scarfing down everything she could see from the time she woke up. She had to go grocery shopping on Friday for that. Pride came simple as well. Feeling like everything she did was right. Even though she did take a few liberties. As long as she kept to herself and didn't hurt anyone (that didn't deserve it) while doing it, she was content. She was short on Envy and Greed for this reason.


Right now, the Boardwalk, her familiar stomping grounds, was where she was. Taking in the sights. She didn't have work tonight, but she could have talked to a few of the club owners. As she stopped to think, she tapped a message on her phone to her mom. Though someone had other ideas. She looked up to see the mysterious man. A few people pointing her out to him. "Good evening," she greeted with a confused voice.

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The man stumbled forward, he smiled brightly and stood up straight. He was probably in his late 60'es, but he could pass for someone younger, and was quite handsome now that he smiled. "Oh, I found you! Finally!" As he got a closer look at Jessica, the smile faded and his shoulders fell again. "Sorry to bother you, Miss, I thought you were someone else." He sighed and wiped his forehead with his handkerchief. "You see, I am a magician of some renown, and my assistant has run off. She wears makeup quite like your own." He paused and looked at Jessica with an appraising eye, admiring her makeup. "A different shade, perhaps. And yours seem to be applied much better." He stopped himself, shaking his head. "Oh, where are my manners. I am Leonardo the Langorous!"


He paused. It was if a lightbulb had been lit. His smile brightened, and it was clear that he was trying to put on his best attempt at charm. "Say... would you happen to know anything about stage magic?" His idea should be clear.

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The old man was most likely hitting on her. Cute. She smiled, thinking she would break the poor fellow. Not that she was going to act on it. Then again, Freedom City held a lot of surprises. "Stage magic, Leo," she asked, faking ignorance, "well I've seen enough beautiful assistants to know how to go through the motions." She pantomimed pointing at things. But with flair! Stage magic was fun, but once she saw through the strings and mirrors, she only paid attention to the pretty girl on stage and the rubes in the audience. And sometimes, the thieves in the audience. This guy, she would have to keep a close eye on.


She stopped doing the silly, but accurate, movements, putting her hands on her hips, "so, Leonardo, what do you think?"

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Leonardo the Langorous cupped his chin his hand while Jessica put on her little show. He seemed pleased, if not completely won over. "Well, there's a bit more to it than that, but you should do nicely. How would you like a job for a few hours?" His smile was slightly mischievous, but he didn't seem like he was trying to play any tricks on her. "I have been hired to put on a Halloween show at the Diamond Clover Casino. It's a bit run down, but they pay is good, and there's supposed to be quite an audience." 


He searched through his pockets and coat while talking, eventually smiling and holding up his index finger once he finished speaking. WIth a flourish of his right hand, he pulled a flyer out of seemingly nowhere and handed it to Jessica. It was decorated with pumpkins, bats, brooms, black cats and skeletons. The usual Halloween things. With big red fonts, made to look like blood was dripping from the letters, it proclaimed:






WITH Leonard the Langorous


Leornado shook his head a bit at the last part. "Don't mind the typo at the end."

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She watched him shuffle through his pockets to see if he was going to pull anything funny, but apparently, to her eyes at least, nothing happened. Diamond Clover, huh? She shuffled to remember anything about it. Nope. Well, no news is good news? But man, an audience to perform in front of was right up her alley. It being a late night, there was maybe a few carnal spirits she could gather before time with the family.


She smirked at the flyer, taking it in her hands to inspect facetiously. "A few hours," she asked, "well I do have midnight plans. But getting paid to make people look good? I'm for that. How long should it be?"

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"Oh no, we should be finished by then. The hotel has some kind of special event happening around that time, so I was told to finish some time before that." Leonardo the Langorous turned to leave, offering his arm to Jessica. He seemed confident that he had managed to get her interested. "We should hurry. The show starts soon, and we will need to get ready. A few cues that I will need you to act on and such. Nothing that should give one with your talents any trouble." 

Whether Jessica accepted his arm or not, he would start making his way towards the Diamond Clover Casino. He took quick steps, making his ways through the crowd with little trouble. A few minutes later they would arrive. The casino was not exactly derelict or a ruin, but it had obviously seen better days. It was an old casino, and Jessica might have heard that it had gotten new owners some time in the last year, but so far, they had spent little on renovations. The building stood only three or four stories high, most of it in dark or metallic colors. Above the entrance, a pair of surprisingly modern glass doors that stood open at the moment, hang a neon sign showing the name in bright red neon in front of a white neon clover. If she had held on to his arm, Leonardo would let go of her and motion for her to follow.

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