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Wrong Groceries (ooc)

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That certainly hits, and he cannot match that toughness save - but before I post IC that is using your full super strength which will knock him fifty feet across the room! Given super secret ID do you want to use that? (if not, earn an HP for complication). 



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Cool! Just to be clear you have two choices here: 1. Not using superpowers (STR 14) and gaining an HP for complication or 2. Using superpowers but keeping it relatively non-lethal / obvious. 


Let me know!

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In that case I'll go for without superpowers at Strength 14 then. Cassidy want to try and get some answers from the kid, so that would be DC 17 Toughness Save then.

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In fact, STR 18! (Nice to have such a high natural STR, and sorry for missing it!)


Dust Devil - 3 HP


Tough Save: 1d20+1 11 down he goes!


Move out of combat, as essentially he is beat!

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