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Oko have some fun!


Computers Roll to penetrate the core system!


You will certainly do this, but....


DC 25 No damage

DC 20 Sustain an Injury

DC 15 Sustain an injury and the AI learns all about you. 


YOu can raise the DC 5 to get further information that is concealed. 


Please narrate your cyber battle however you wish! Numbers, Puzzles, Or fighting off digital Cossacks on a pirate ship in cyberspace! (Or any combination of!)

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Ok if its ok with you, please narrate heroically cutting through the cyber defences in cyber space (however you see fit!) and ill then cut to the Cyber-core with the AI. 


You gain an injury and the AI gets some information on you / your mission. 


Your secret ID will be safe, unless you specifically want that hacked out of you (and gain an HP doing so). If you do want that hacked, it wont be released without a choice on your part, but of course it might be a hard choice. 

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Ad hoc Cyberfighting rules ! (If that is what you wish to do!)


Every round: Opposed Computer Rolls


Lose by 1: Successive -2 temporary on computer rolls as you get a cyber-injury

Lose by 5: Cyber Injury AND you either take a real world injury or get ejected (your choice)

Lose by 10: Cyber Injury AND you get a real world injury plus opponent learns something about you, or you get ejected (your choice)

Lose by 15: Ejected and real world injury. 


Gain a flashy +2 or +5 bonus on your computer rolls if you think up some funky manuever to match your opponent. Limited only by your imaginatoin! :)

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