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And the Moon Is In Shock [OOC]

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Nick Cimitiere, Phantom, Ms. Britannia, and Rene de Saens meet at the Parkhurst with emissaries of the realms invisible to strike a bargain for the survival of humanity - one way or another.


So, this is how the thread is going to work. Everyone who wants to can bring in a retinue of "extranatural" representatives. In Nick's case, it may be death gods. In Phantom's case, it may be the powers out of Book of Magic. In Ms. Britannia's case, it may be anthropomorphic personifications/high-ranking entities of the spirit world. They are all being brought to the table to try to find means to ensure the world's survival - whether that means "intervening to save Earth" to "creating an escape hatch for both mortals and the souls of the dead." This is essentially that episode of Supernatural where the pagan gods drag the Winchesters to a hotel and tell them to do something and stop Lucifer from destroying the world - only we're the ones beseeching the divine. 


Bring your own NPCs. Flavor them as you will. Just don't be surprised if they start asking things of you that you don't expect. 

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Rene is bringing the French Spirit of Liberty, Marriane; he believes in every god but only has Faith in mankind. He will distrust Gods and spirits by default but he is a cunning old practical devil. The root of this is he distrusts any authority; hence the only spirit he has a firm connection with are the spirits of liberty. 


This situation puts him in a torn position; practical desperation versus a defiance against any type of submission. Part of the reason he is going is to ensure that no terrible deals are struck. 

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Well, I can have Phantom contact the Modoros  who empower her but I think I'll probably be having her wrestle with whether or not to do that for much of the thread. At the moment, she's asking what, if anything, Nick needs from her to set up the space for their workings. 

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