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Iron Works


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Okay, I trust your GMing! 


Die rolls for Lady Horus: 

Search: Anna will take 20 on this with Quickness 5 and get 20. 

Knowledge (Life Sciences) 1


Well no good rolls there. =p 


Let me know what that actually gives her and then I'll post; if it's not adequate for her IC, she'll call in Wadjet to take a second look. (But I'll write up her doing that in a post)



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Life Sciences: You think the woman is probably dead. 


Search: You find a few shards of metal in the body that look a bit odd. As far as you can tell, the woman was killed at this site. Her wristwatch is crushed but you can tell it happened at 3:17 am (when the Iron Works was ostensibly shut/closed). There is the faint scent of engine oil on her. 


The metal shards are clues you could later analyse, as per Core Investigate Skill rules (i.e. do you have a lab?!) for starters, investigate roll to preserve and prepare clue for later analysis, or you can defer that to Frank Slate. 

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I think some Gather Info rolls would be in order for now and we can see if anything else comes up!


It would be good to be specific about what questions LH is looking into?


If Wadjet is doing science detective stuff, then perhaps Knowledge (Physical Sciences) to examine the metal fragments. 


If examining the corpse or photographs of, then either of them could make a Knowledge (Life Sciences) roll to examine injuries (albeit at -5 penalty if its just from photographs), and Knowledge (Behavioural Sciences) to consider the psychology / criminology of the act (with no penalty). DC 20 plus to get some tangible clues, with DC 30 for some outstanding insight. 


Id suggest making an IC post to follow from mine to outline what Wadjet and LH are doing, although we can handle the fine details of camera?

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This scene is coming to an end - the question would, to my mind, be on what terms LH leaves it - pushing /needling to the point of antagonism, a  swift exit, or deceptively? 


The issue with more detective threads is the risk of "dead ends" narratively, but hopefully there are a few more avenues to explore, like the Iron Works (and workers therein), more ground level staff working either directly for Eve or at the iron Works, or the chief engineer mentioned? 


You can always dig into the streets or the victims life (freinds, relatives, etc), or even see if the police are corrupt. 


The decision for this scene is how do you part with Eve, I think. 

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Good news: The spider bots are minions. Bad news: Their defence is 7. 


i'm going to defaul to p47 rule book on disabling technology needing a DC 30 disable device check (Which kind of makes sense, Todd is very good at his job!). 


Initiuative Time!


Scuttle Bots: Initiative: 1d20+5 6


Also be aware that Wadjet, at least, is precariously posed / climbing (flat footed) on Barrelhouse. And LH is not far from molten metal either. In any case, a dip in that is going to be a Damage 12 heat effect every round, although you can make a DC 15 Reflex save to grab on at the last minute to some bar or another if you fall or get knocked back. 

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