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Hung from the Neck

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OOC for this


You may want a DC 10 Streetwise or Current Events roll to know the IC background of the bar. 

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Using the Book's Enhanced Knowledge to check if there's anything on vengeful spirits, the more detailed in description to this one the better obviously:


Knowledge Arcane Lore: 1d20+20 40


Well, there goes my crit for the month..

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Using the VP to add Affects Insub 2 and Precise 2 on


AP: Snare 10 (Feats: Reversible, Tether, Obscures Senses (Visual, Auditory, Mental)) [26/26PP]


and then attacking:

Attack: 1d20+10 26

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That attack will hit. He is barely bothered with avoiding it!


Still gets a reflex save though: Reflex vs Snare: 1d20+5 16 enough to entangle him but not snare him


He will respond by Shooting!


Shooting: 1d20+8 26 well its not a crit, but its a hit! DC 25 TOugh Save


Im going to play loose with initiative given the above, and Noose isn't that quick anyway


For reference


Round 2:

20 - Sha'ir - Unharmed - 1 HP

10 - Police [4] - Unharmed

0 - Noose - Entangled


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Alright, using the VP again (I know, how horrible!)

This does mean that he gives up the Affects Insubstantial on the Snare though!


Conjuring a Spear:

Damage 9 (Feats: Accurate 3, Affects Insubstantial 2) (piercing) [14/15PP]


and attacking (with +11 in total)

Attack: 1d20+11 31


Huh, that's a crit.

Assuming that hits, I'll take

Added Effect: Snare 0

to represent him trying to grab the rope and tie Noose up again.

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It is indeed a critical. And he is completely immune to that. 


He will intimidate as a move action: Intimidate: 1d20+8 10 I guess that wont work. 


Shooting again: Shooting again: 1d20+10 15 which I think is a miss. 



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Standard Action: opening  Teleport 7 (Extras: Accurate, Portal; Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity; Progression 3 (Size); Flaws: Action (Standard to Open(-2))) [26/26PP] to some uninhabited area (forest, a farm, something along those lines)n outside town, behind Noose


Then readjusting the VP to a Trip 8 (Feats: Improved Trip, Accurate 3; Flaws: Range (Touch)) [Wind] to attempt to knock him into the Portal.


Using a HP to Surge for this, of course!


Attack: 1d20+12 28


I'll assume that hits, so if he's not immune here's the opposed power roll:

Power Check: 1d20+8 16


he goes against that with the lower of his str/dex

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Trip, he is not immune to - although technically it would only put him on his feet rather than blow him through a portal? Still, some breaks would be appropriate in this thread so lets ride with that. 


(As an aside there was a big conversation about portals and attack teleports some time ago, for obs reasons! One suggestion was to allow a reflex save to avoid being blown through which I would normally apply, but then again some breaks would be appropriate!)


Opposed vs Trip: 1d20+2 5


Ok lets stop combat for now. He zooms through the portal to a farm. 


However, the bullet is homing, and still gets a chance to peow!


HOming bullet: 1d20+8 21


Which I think hits, and DC 25 Toughness Save


Also, for reference - 0 HP

Edited by Supercape

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Ok so lets do an opposed DEX check to see who gets through the portal first!


If it is within 2 points of eachother you will collide!


Run!: 1d20+2 4!

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Dex: 1d20+1 8 He's slow, but apparently slightly faster!

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Cool. So we are out of combat but Noose has his gun locked on, so will win the next initiative (as the situation stands). 

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