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Sunset Wheel (OOC)


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I'd also like to use my 'assessment' feat against the apparently-panicked-civilian. I'll just take 10 this time, so if he's secretly a ninja in disguise he needs to roll DC 29 bluff check or I'll get an understanding of his attack and defense bonuses relative to mine.

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You may make a knowledge (art) DC 15 Roll to...


Recognise that some of the odd ballroom music is associated with devilry, such as 13/4 Time signatures and devil chords!


If you have a perform (musical instrument) skill you can substitute that but it will be DC 20. 

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Round 1:


18: Violet - Unharmed

18: Dead Woman - Unharmed

10: Incognito - Unharmed - 3 HP


Violet will delay action (and speak)

Dead Woman will scrabble at Incognito's face: Scrabble at face: 1d20+5 25 ouch!


As discussed in chat, not using power because of secret ID complication. Thus (with the assumption this will play out for the whole scene!) awarding an HP (included above). 


That is a Toughness 25 Damage Save and a Will 20 Paralyse Save! OUCHIES! (you earned that HP!)

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Tough Save vs Smash!: 1d20+5 7 and it is out! Bam!


Technically that also give you another Paralyse 5 effect as it has that aura. However as combat is over you can choose to resist, succumb, or anything in between as suits your narrative - you will have plenty of time to shake it off. If you do want to roll for it please do so (And we can assume it wears off in under a minute)./ 


Please post away. You will sense, from the womans attack, that when it touched you the paralyse aura had the time descriptor. 

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