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Igneus (PL 10) - NotaHoneyBadger

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Power Level: 10 (150/157PP)
Unspent Power Points: 7
Trade-Offs: -1 Attack / +1 Damage ; -4 Defense / +4 Toughness
In Brief: College student with the power to control rock and magma. She is normally cocky and enthusiastic, but deep inside she has a burning temper.
Catchphrase: None
Theme: None
Alternate Identity: Micah Terran (Secret)
Birthplace: Celestine, Indiana
Residence: North End, FCU dormitories
Base of Operations: None
Occupation: College Lab Assistant
Affiliations: Dr. Christopher Sallai – The experiment Micah was running when she gained her powers was for Dr. Sallai’s research. He is the only person aware of her condition.
Family: Loraine and Cliff, Mother and Father. Both are back home in Indiana.

Age: 25 (DoB: 22 April, 1993)
Apparent Age: 22
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 431 lbs
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Copper

With fiery copper hair and bright amber eyes, Micah has a striking appearance. She is slightly on the short side, and very athletic. Ever since she acquired her powers her skin has been blotched and speckled. She claims it is a rare skin condition, but it is really rock and mineral embedded in her skin and muscle. As a typical college student, Micah often wears whatever is the most comfortable, particularly sweat pants and sweatshirts. As of late, she has been buying and wearing the cheapest clothes she can find.
Micah has no costume. Instead, she grows the rock embedded in her body, covering herself from head to toe in dark igneous stone. When she does, her hair turns pale and translucent, and floats seemingly of its own accord. Her eyes turn into glowing orange embers, and tongues of flame trickle out of the cracks in her skin. During this change her feminine figure is obscured by the rock coating and replaced with a masculine appearance. This, in addition to her voice becoming much deeper, has no doubt helped Micah immensely in hiding her identity. During this transformation, Micah’s clothes are invariably destroyed in this process, which is why she now typically wears the cheapest things she can find.

Micah’s transformation from a hardworking, studious geology student to a superpower was nearly instant. An experiment testing the melting points of rocks based on various factors resulted in what should have been a horrible accident. A malfunction in the equipment sent molten magma into Micah’s heart. Instead of dying, her physiology changed. Now the magma is her molten core. Magma feeds her veins, her bones have been replaced with stone, and rock is embedded in her flesh. With this change Micah also gained an innate attunement to the earth around her, including limited telekinesis. Although shocked and frightened for days after, Micah eventually became enticed by the idea of becoming a hero. The idea of adventure and excitement unlike anything she had ever experienced was too good to pass up… and if she could do some real good along the way, why not?

Personality & Motivation:
Motivation: Thrills; to a lesser extent, goodness.
Micah is bold and extroverted, and almost always carries a smile on her face. In her mind she is friendly, but to strangers she often comes off as pushy. Micah is intelligent, and combined with her academic fervor she has amassed a significant reservoir of knowledge pertaining to the sciences. Both athletic and a thrill seeker, Micah quickly acclimated to the idea of being a costumed hero after her powers manifested.

Powers & Tactics:
Micah possesses enhanced strength, stamina, and durability, as well as the ability to manipulate earth. In a fight, she prefers to rush into unarmed combat and rely on her strength and armor. She is just as capable at grappling and throwing opponents as throwing punches and kicks. If necessary, Micah uses the environment to her advantage, cracking the ground to send out shockwaves and wreck the terrain, or backing opponents near walls where she can entrap them. By striking rock surfaces with her fists or legs, she can send shrapnel at her opponents. To protect civilians or teammates, she will interpose herself between them and the attack. When that isn’t enough, Micah can create walls of rock to act as cover, as well as feed her shrapnel ability for return fire.
When she loses her temper, Micah ignites her body. She can melt stone or cause it to burn. Her shrapnel ability sends forth burning rocks or magma, and her shockwave ability can cause flames to spew from the earth in a wide area.
Micah’s attunement to rock lets her sense vibrations around her. The molten core that acts as her heart make her immune to heat and fire. However, magma can always be cooled back into stone…

Power Descriptions:
Granite Gauntlet – Micah hardens her fist and aims for a knockout blow.
Shrapnel – Micah strikes the ground or a wall, sending a spray of broken shards at opponents with uncanny accuracy.
Burning Shrapnel – The same as her Shrapnel ability, but Micah ignites the rock as she strikes. The resulting projectiles are more dangerous, but also harder to control.
Crack Earth – Micah strikes the ground, sending out a shockwave as the ground quakes and splits. The aftermath leaves an area of jagged protrusions and wide crevices.
Erupt Earth - The same as her Crack Earth ability, but instead of raising protrusions to impede movement, Micah summons fire from the earth to erupt from the crevices. This leaves a cloud of lingering flame and ash.
Rock Wall – Micah stamps the ground, causing a large wall of rock to shift upright and provide cover.

Temper – Certain things just set you of. When you lose your temper, you lash out at whatever provoked you.
Power Loss – All of Micah’s earth control abilities require her to physically and forcibly touch rock. If she is immobilized or restrained from moving her legs and arms, or has no rock around, she cannot use those powers.
Destructive – The majority of Micah’s abilities are highly destructive, resulting in rubble, shattered walls, and fissured streets. Micah may not be able to use Earth Control abilities in certain circumstances, for fear of risking injury or death to civilians. 

Abilities: 22 + 2 + 28 + 4 - 2 - 2 = 52PP
Strength: 32 (+11)
Dexterity: 12 (+1)
Constitution: 38 (+14)
Intelligence: 14 (+2)
Wisdom: 8 (-1)
Charisma: 8 (-1)

Combat: 9 (2PP / Base Attack) +  5 (2PP / Base Defense) = 28PP
Initiative: +1
Attack: +9 Melee, +9 Ranged, +9 Base
Defense: +6 (+5 Base, +1 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +20
Knockback: -8

Saving Throws: 0 (1PP / Fortitude) + 5 (1PP / Reflex) + 5 (1PP / Will) = 10PP
Toughness: +14 (+14 Con, +0)
Fortitude: +14 (+14 Con, +0)
Reflex: +6 (+1 Dex, +5)
Will: +4 (-1 Wis, +5)

Skills: 48R = 12PP (1PP = 4 Skill ranks)
Acrobatics 3 (+4)
Climb 1 (+12)
Computers 3 (+5)
Craft (Chemical) 6 (+8)
Investigate 4 (+6)
Knowledge: Earth Sciences 11 (+13)
Knowledge: Life Sciences 6 (+8)
Knowledge: Physical Sciences 6 (+8)
Medicine 4 (+3)
Search 3 (+5)
Swim 1 (+12)

Feats: 8PP

Dodge Focus 1
Elusive Target
Evasion 2

Improved Grab
Takedown Attack 2

Powers: 32 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 44PP

All: (Mutant)

Earth Control 12 (Magma Control; 24PP Array; Feats: Dynamic Alternate Power 1; Alternate Power 6) [32PP] (earth)

  • Fire Control 11 (Magma Control; Feats: Dynamic Alternate Power) {24/24} (fire)
  • Blast 11 (Shrapnel; Feats: Indirect; Ricochet) {24/24} (earth)
  • Blast 9 (Burning Shrapnel; Extras: Area (Cone);  Drawbacks: Full Power) {24/24} (earth, fire)
  • Super-Strength 5 (Crack Earth; Feats: Groundstrike, Linked) [11PP] (earth)

+ Environmental Control 4 (Hamper Movement 2/rank, reduce speed to 1/4; Extras: Continuous; Feats: Linked) [8PP] {Total: 23/24} (earth)

  • Super-Strength 2 (Erupt Earth; Feats: Groundstrike, Linked; Drawbacks: Full Power) [2PP] (earth)

+ Strike 10 (Extras: Area (Cloud); Feats: Progression (Area) 5; Drawbacks: Full Power) [10PP] {Total: 24/24} (fire)

  • Stun 11 (Granite Gauntlet) {22/24} (earth)
  • Create Object 8 (Rock Wall; Extras: Continuous) {24/24} (earth)


Speed 1 [1PP]


Super Movement 1 (Sure-Footed) [2PP]


Immovable 1 (Extras: Unstoppable) [2PP]


Super-Senses 2 (Tremor-Sense) [2PP]


Immunity 5 (all Fire Damage) [5PP]


Drawbacks: (-4) = -4PP
Weakness (Cold) – Common; Major (Cumulative -1 on all ability scores)


DC Block
ATTACK                  RANGE             SAVE              EFFECT
Unarmed                 Touch       DC 21 Toughness         Damage
Granite Gauntlet        Touch       DC 21 Fortitude         Stun
Shrapnel                Ranged      DC 21 Toughness         Damage
Burning Shrapnel        Cone        DC 19 Toughness         Damage
Crack Earth             Burst       Strength Check (-1/10ft) Trip
Erupt Earth             Burst       Strength Check (-1/10ft) Trip
                        + Cloud     + DC 20 Toughness       Damage

Totals: Abilities (52) + Combat (28) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (12) + Feats (8) + Powers (44) - Drawbacks (-4) = 150/157 Power Points

Edited by Fox
+7pp for March/April 2018
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I have freed your sheet of its spoiler-block prison, but in doing so I needed to redo all the formatting by hand. Please feel free to go back over it and correct anything I missed or screwed up!



FluffFun fact, one of the professors in the FCU geology department is secretly a geokinetic. This is neither complaint nor criticism - I look forward to possible threads!


Overall, I like it! Nicely thematic. Whether or not it's on the sheet, you may want to consider why the experiment did what it did - special rocks? Special science behind the melting? Something latent in Micah herself?






In general we ask that characters meet Combat Caps - that is, they function at their PL on both offense and defense. It makes threads easier to balance for our GMs, and it makes the characters more fun to play (because you'll be more effective against reasonable threats!).


Defensively you're fine: +6 Defense, +14 Toughness, +10 overall. No problems.


Offensively, Igneus doesn't match the tradeoff listed at the top of the sheet...and only functions at PL10 when using the Full-Power Area Strike. All other attacks function well below PL by attack bonus (the Stun), or by both attack bonus and damage (pretty much everything else). This leaves her with very few options to deal with her foes in a fight, and this is a fight-heavy game.


I very much recommend finding a way to shore up that attack bonus, if not all the damage powers as well. The under-ranked Blasts aren't likely to be as effective as you might hope for anything but sweeping under-powered goons, and the Stun's only going to land something like 25% of the time against a flat PL10 enemy.




With +1 Dex, Igneus would have a +1 Initiative Bonus.


With a +6 Melee attack bonus and +11 STR, Igneus would have a +16 Grapple bonus - +21 when using Super-Strength 5!


With +14 Toughness and 1 rank of Immovable, Igneus would have a -8 Knockback bonus.



Don't forget the +1 Dex bonus to your Acrobatics!



I'm afraid the Fire Control power is over-budget; Fire Control is a 2pp/rank power, so 10 ranks already costs 20pp - with no budget left over for the feat.


Per the House Rules/Clarifications on Super-Senses, Tremmorsense is 2PP. A free power point for you to use elsewhere!


While I was freeing your sheet from its Spoiler Box Prison, I also clarified the Immunity; Immunity 5 would protect Igneus against all fire damage, but not all fire effects, the latter being more expensive.

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Thank you for freeing it... I was having trouble undoing it without ruining the format. Sorry you had to reformat it though.


List of edits:

Took two points from Charisma and Wisdom each.

Raised Base Attack to 9 and Base Defense to 5. Let's hit some PL caps.

Shaved a couple skill points. 

Removed a lot of feats, added new ones. Overall, feat costs went down.

Increased the PP value of the earth control array.

  • Adjusted fire control to account for dynamic effect cost.
  • No new powers were added. Existing array powers were modified to adapt to the higher array cost.
  • Attack/Save are now in line with the -1/+1 trade-off (with only one exception)

Crunchy bits are far more in-line now.

EDIT: took precisely 1pp from skills to take dodge focus and actually cap defense (because 14+5=\=20... i'm good at math.) 


Edited by NotAHoneyBadger
Minor update
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Just a few math/notation things, which always come out of a sheet revision:


In the Abilities line, you list ' - 1 - 1', instead of '- 2 - 2', but the final tally's correct.


Medicine is actually Wis-linked, not Int-linked, so you'd have a -1 modifier there, for a +3. Blame the game designers. :( 


Tremmor-Sense is still listed as a rank 3, 3pp power in the powers list, though it looks like the cost is right in the tallies.


Final sheet tally lists 13pp of skills and 7pp of feats, but you've actually bought 12 and 8, respectively.

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