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Vision of Fire OOC


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Time to have a bit of fun i think.


lets try to startle it!


1d20+16=17 haha, its gonna be one of those threads it would seem. Opposed by Will Save, Intimidate or Sense Motive (any of your choice, Flat footed on a loss.)

then we shall swings for it regardless!

1d20+7=26! Ka-SMAASH maybe! DC32 toughness save if that hits!


Miss chance!


1d20=2 im dead on apparently!

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Tough Save: 1d20+10 29 A good roll!


The Thing is fearless so immune to intimidation effects. 




Round 2

25 Ice Thing - Unharmed

6 Dreadnought - Unharmed - 1 HP


The central fire is dying, and the stream is icing up. Not enough to bother Dreadnought this round, but it will get slippery next!


For now, the Ice thing will carry on flailing away - Flailing Away: 1d20+6 9 and missing, so Dreadnought is up. 


For reference you can assume in this thread there are trees and rocks everywhere, if improvised weapons are desired!


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Im advancing on the creature with the intent of all out power attacking it! I am even gonna charge it!


Chargeing for -2 defense next round (im at +0! having lost 5 to all out) and +2 to the attack roll


Extra effort to focus on the thing and avoid the miss chance.


1d20+9=28 so close and yet no cigar!


DC37 toughness save please!

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So whilst he's sitting around the fire he's likely gonna pick up one of them big rocks you mentioned and carve some words into it with his fingernail hoping that it will come in to Mr Murks possession, namely the best estimate of where and when he is available (after the ice age) and what the natives call their home as well as mentioning the ice demons (Fighting Ice Demons!) and if any nest of them is mentioned, where he'll be heading next.

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So with ember on board and the way clear its time for dreadnought to take to the hunt with all his gusto.


In the ancient world where he has less things to worry about landing on i feel like he would be willing to make use of the power he dreads most, leaping.


On his array or the Super strength outside of it he can hit up to leaping 10 (x2500) which is pretty far


Running jump: 67500 ft, Standing :33750ft. High jump: 16875ft


Sound good to you?

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so this might sound pretty weird, but can dreadnought heft a mighty boulder and hurl it skywards at his full strength so that it will land in the center of the hill next round, like a blazing meteorite?


Assuming he's back to full super strength, his light load would be 7600 Tons?


or if he gets to keep his leaping, im happy to grab the rock and pile drive it by hand into that point.

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The Mist will strike a (fairly) mighty blow!


Blow!: 1d20+7 23


Thats a Damage 13 and Paralyse (Limited to Slow) 5 Effect. 


So DC 28 Tough and DC 15 Will Saves. 


Also, lets say the meteor is a trick - so opposed bluff / sense motive. Could you throw me the former? vs Sense Motive: 1d20+9 13


The meteor will of cause horrible destruction in any case, but lets see if you can fool it to not look up!

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Its still a hit!


But! It is in Gaseous Form! (Insubstantial 2)


However this has the limitation of only half protection vs attacks, as it is semi-forceful now. So, that comes down to a damage 9 effect, or DC 24 TOughness


Tough vs Punch: 1d20+13 32 yoikes!


It will return with another punch: Punches Dread: 1d20+7 25 Yoikes!


Another DC 28 Tough and DC 15 Will Save please!


Then we shall resolve the meteor!

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