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Just Dance 2018 [OOC]

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You can roll a DC 20 Will save, but passing it will only tell you that the dance party is not real, not where Rant and Rave are.


That nets you a Hero Point. Not me though, I'm a GMPC :D




Initiative: 1d20+3 4 1d20+3 18


Initiative: 1d20+3 5


Rave 18

Zenith 8

Jessica 5

Rant 4

Edited by Crimson Beguiler

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Rant screamed the bubble away. Toughness 8 vs DC 20. That fails by 12. Which would make it Disabled. Disabled barriers have holes punched through them, and other disabled objects may be bent, deformed, or otherwise damaged.


With the will save, you can tell that the party is fake. But it will be a guessing game. 50% chance to hit the right one.

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In front of an Opera House on Broadway big. I have no dimensions. So I'm going to say it's big. People that didn't flee the carnage or are goose necking after the heroes arrived look like dancing Rants and Raves.

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