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  1. No, it's fine without the sneak attack damage.
  2. Shade looks at the civilians in the store, wondering if he should try and get them out or whether it'd be faster to just try and end it, deciding on the later, blasts of shadow energy shoot out of his hand and slams into the stretchy woman.
  3. Shade's attacks are nonlethal, he's trying to get a sneak attack by slipping into the shadows and attacking while invisible, and he's using all out attack for five points, and he has precise shotx2 so there isn't any penalty for shooting into melee. Damage is a base DC 21, +4 if sneak attack is factored in, with an additional +1/2 points the attack roll exceeds the targets defense for autofire.
  4. Shade steps in and takes a shot at the big guy. Then he looks around to see if there are any civilians left inside the store.
  5. I'm very confused as to whose turn it is.
  6. It's going to bug me forever if I don't point out it's Tahotai
  7. Dropping my protection down to 13 gives me two points which I'll stick into my Will save.
  8. Shade will take a double move to enter the store.
  9. In the shadows of the building across the street, Shade leans on a mailbox and watches the commotion. Shade looks around and notices the large number of heroes right nearby. Hmm, this might be serious he thinks as he gets ready to step in.
  10. ? Side effect seems structured so that you get -2 when you suffer the effect anytime you use the power, but if there's only a fifty/fifty (because you beat the roll) chance then it's -1 So if the character always takes damage when the teleport is used then it should be -2, same as any power would have a -2 if it always occurred when used.
  11. Shade would be interested in busting up crime rings.
  12. Well, easiest solution I can think is to say that as shadow constructs although they're opaque they don't actually interfere with light and it passes right through. Such a solution offends physics, but then again physics doesn't really have rules for creating constructs out of shadows.
  13. Tahotai

    Secret Identities

    *wave* Played D&D for awhile, always wanted to get a group together in my area but none of them were really interested in playing D&D. So around the time I started getting into some of the great comic book runs, I decided to look around for an alternate game that people might be interested in playing. M&M came up while looking around and it seemed like a good fit, and lo and behold everyone wanted to play, so I'm gearing up to actually GM a game as soon as people settle into school schedules. Got here from Atomic Think Tank, found the idea of this site very interesting (although I'm still a little uncertain as to where to jump in).
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