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Golden Star's Reputation


Knowledge (Current Events) or Gather Information


DC 20: Michael Adon was the Sophomore first string quarterback on the Franklin D. Roosevelt High Varsity Football team, and lead them to a State Championship


DC 25: Michael ended up leaving Franklin D. Roosevelt suddenly in his Junior year, but no one is sure why; rumors suggest a fight with his coach or a discipline issue at the school.


DC 30: Michael has transferred to Claremont Academy quite suddenly due to an issue. The high end faculty there are helping him deal with a serious illness or accident that emerged.


Notice (Hearing)


DC 35: Michael can be heard literally vibrating if you get close enough to him, emitting a low grade buzzing sound at almost all times. 


The DC of this Check is reduced by 5 when Michael is using a Power. When his Overheat Container is active, the DC of this check is reduced by 10.


Knowledge (Psychology)

DC 20: Michael has all the traits of middle-child syndrome funneled through the lens of an academic hyper-achiever


Knowledge (Tactics) or (Life Sciences), once aware of the Buzzing around Michael


DC 20: Michael’s vibrating cells are a major weakness to him; finding the correct resonance frequency to empower those vibrations can severely damage him as his cells vibrate further and further apart.


Knowledge (Life Sciences or History), Aware of Michael's powers


DC 25: Michael’s powers seem similar to- though highly enhanced in comparison- the old hero The Patriot, and the even older hero Minuteman.


DC 30: The powers of The Patriot and Minuteman- and thus Michael’s- were derived from the Manaka Root, a North American herb that has been used for centuries by Native tribes.

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