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Christopher James Kenzie is the civilian identity of the superhero Geckoman. Born May 17th, 1992, he became Geckoman when he was only 16, and as such has had as long a crime fighting career as many older heroes. A graduate of the Claremont Academy, former member of Young Freedom, and current member of the Interceptors, he has fought many foes, from the pettiest street thug, to cosmic horrors from other dimensions. 


Costume and Appearance
Height: 5'1''; Weight: 175lbs; Hair colour: Brown; Eye colour: Brown

To passers-by, Chris Kenzie looks like a twenty-something slacker. Messy brown hair, stubble, wearing rumpled jeans and t-shirts, and with a perpetually cocky smile spread across his face. A closer examination would reveal he is in great physical shape, with a lean acrobat's build. He typically favours a similar colour scheme to the one he wears in costume; a usual outfit is a yellow t-shirt with a green leather jacket.

When operating as Geckoman, he wears a costume of lurid green of yellow. The specific patterning on it has varied over the years, but the core design has stayed the same. A bright green jumpsuit with a large yellow G emblazoned across the chest. A belt harness of pouches and weaponry, also in yellow. And a full head mask, open only for the mouth and to a large round pair of thick orange goggles. The distinctive design, after his many years of service, is instantly recognisable. Variants have included suits of darker green, or suits with more complex harnesses for the carriage of more gadgets and weaponry.

Geckoman's powers derive from a nanite serum which rewrote his genome to have many enhanced abilities bearing a coincidental similarity to those of a gecko. His most powerful ability is his body's ability to heal and repair injuries at a rapid rate, bruises and abrasions vanishing in seconds, and even mortal wounds and missing limbs regrowing in a matter of hours. Despite being a passive ability, Geckoman has honed this ability to allow him to function past the point most human beings would injure their own bodies performing at; letting him run faster, jump higher, and endure high levels of pain and discomfort.

He also possesses preternatural senses, including a vastly enhanced sense of smell, an ability to see in lower light conditions and in the infrared spectrum. Geckoman has swifter reflexes and spatial awareness, increasing his reaction times and hand-eye co-ordination. His most iconic ability is, of course, the ability to cling to sheer surfaces with his hands and feet, supporting his own weight and that of others while retaining adhesion. 

Atop his superhuman powers, Geckoman's education, experience and training with the Raven and Jack of all Blades has made him a deadly individual in his own right. Physically he is in peak condition, his already-fast reflex honed to superhuman levels. At a push, he can pursue cars on foot, make hundred foot leaps, and rip doors off their hinges. He is skilled in multiple martial arts, notable capoiera, savate, zui quan and tae kwon do, with proficiency in several weapons. Geckoman is a skilled detective, driver, escape artist, and is by most metrics one of the most skilled pilots in the solar system. 

Despite his many skills and abilities, Geckoman is far from unstoppable. While fast, tough and regenerating, he is ultimately unable to take more damage than any other man in good physical condition. His heightened sense of smell renders him more vulnerable to assaults using gases or scents, and while skilled in many forms of combat, cannot truly be said to be as skilled as masters of those arts.

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