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Room of Danger (fourth edition) OOC

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Attractive applies, so he's good and Distracted. He can hit a 30 only with a nat 20, and him succeeding would be less fun, I think. This does not end the flame Aura, due to it being Continuous. It does, however, provoke him to take off his shirt.

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Not asking for a HP, but one of her complications is...


Easily Distracted: Things of beauty are likely to pull her off course, be it a painting or a person.

So she's not gonna do anything but gawk this round :P

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I will give you that HP, because I'm gonna do this. Stand up as move action: Next, All Out Attack Power Attack. His one attack he hasn't used yet. Corrosion 10. http://orokos.com/roll/568365 29, which doesn't need any +4 to hit. Corrosion is Drain Toughness + Damage. So, first save is a DC 25 Fort. For every 1 Scion misses that DC, she'll lose 1 Toughness. Then the DC 30 Toughness save. Again, I asked if you minded me doing the mean power, in Discord and I have no issue with, I dunno, throwing another firebomb or something if you object, here.

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I missed the part about Power Attack :|


So she loses 4 toughness, making the Toughness 23, failing by 7. Dazed and Stunned.


Now I must explain how nonlethal murder feels :P

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