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So on to the main thread.


Note that Liberty Park, at this time is low-light conditions (partial visual obscurement). The streets sorounding it are better lit, and there will be the odd "Oasis" of street lighting, but the default will be low-light. 


To kick off, Bird of Arms can spot Spotfire at a distance with a DC20 Notice check, unless Spitfire is being stealthy. I will leave that to you guys! (is Spitfire is being stealthy, make a roll: BoA can spot if he exceeds by 20 an opposed roll). 


In any case, good to make notice checks now if you please!

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Initiatives for:


Initiatives for Beastly Boys, Man, Woman: 3#1d20 20 9 1


With bonuses that is: Beastly Boys 25 , Man 17,Woman 17


And we are off


Round 1


25 Beastly Boys [8]

17 Woman

17 Man

14 Bird of Prey [25' in Air] - 3 HP

11 Spit Fire [50' Away from party] - 1 HP unseen


I hope those distances are reasonable judgements for you. 

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So to start off, the Beastly Boys will effectively be useless whilst Jann is in the air. They will move to below him, and reserve an action to pounce on him if he falls. 


The Red Head will pull out her guns as a free action (quick draw), use a move action to vault behind the bench (partial cover from Jann), and fire at him: Fires at Jann: 1d20+12 22 this will Just miss. 


The man is not acting right now, other than also taking cover. 


HOwever, Jann is also hit by an extreme wave of pleasure. This is, mechanically a Nauseate 12 effect (DC 22 Will Save). 


Narratively however, this is hugely powerful - a 100x more strong than any pleasure he has ever had, overwhelming every pore on his being. 


Aside from the Nauseate effect, this wave of pleasure is so powerful you may narrate it as becoming progressively addictive. One shot is enough to make you desire more, and if he gets hit by more, you may narrate (According to your idea of Jann) craving the hit again and again. ("the Buzz!"). You may earn HP for good role playing and descent to cravings, but this is essentially something you role play for your character and are in control of. 

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Ill give an HP for that, and a fall for a Toughness DC 18 damage effect. (already rolled!)


Which also means the Beastly Boys will pounce on Jann. As he is helpless, they can't really miss. Ill divide than into two groups of four combining attacks, so a further two toughness 23 rolls


Also Jann has Bird of Arms 4 HP


And Spit Fire is up! Its not looking good! (for now!)


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Ok so since he doesn't want to hit the bird man he's not using his area blasts, gonna get those thugs off the poor guy though so autofire blast strafing them


I rolled 8 just in case he can hit all but if he can't just use whatever for the ones he can hit


Autofire Attacks on thugs: 8#1d20+11 14 27 16 26 29 16 25 13


damage would be DC26 for them, the old man and redhead are of course safe as I doubt they are in a line


Posting IC

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ok so autofire is a bit wonky rules wise. But in principle its a -8 penalty to hit. On the plus side, the Beastly Boys are essentially flat footed as Spit Fire was hidden and they aren't looking. So, they have a defence of 12 (or +2). 


You can actually take 10 attacking minions giving you a 21 result. With a -8 penalty that is 13 so to keep things neat lets say they all hit. 


Toughness save vs Fire: 8#1d20+4 12 21 10 23 5 21 20 23


As I understand it, its a Damage 11 effect, or toughness 26. Which none of them can make, so all out!


Round 2


17 Woman

17 Man

14 Bird of Prey [25' in Air] - Staggered, KO, 4 HP

11 Spit Fire [50' Away from party] - 1 HP


So the Man will start to run (moving all out) into the trees which gives him cover and concealment. 


The Woman will hold an action - ready to fire at Spitfire if he moves or attacks, and speak (As per IC)


Meaning Spitfire is up. 

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Ooof! Well a hero point for bravery!


The explosion will affect only Spitfire, and as discussed, we will fluff this as having half immunity (as he has immunity to fire and about half the explosion is fire) A bag of explosives and ammunition is however a pretty big bang; a Damage 10 effect. A DC TOughness 10 effect then (DC 25), which is a fail by a horrible 15, making Spitfire join the club. 


Bird of Arms - 4 HP - Staggered

Spit Fire - 2 HP - Staggered


We shall drop out of combat at this point, although Red is still got a prepared shot on you, and the mysterious man is still running. So it might be brief. 

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