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Mannequin 2.0 PL 10

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Power Level:10 (153/157PP)
Unspent Power Points: 4
Trade-Offs: ±
0 Attack / ±0 Damage, -6 Defense / ±
6 Toughness


In Brief: A scientist who has lost it all and closed themselves off from the world literally.




Alternate Identity: Mannequin (Public) James Horridan(Secret)
Birthplace:Freedom City

Residence: Uptown Freedom City
Base of Operations: N/A
Occupation: Head of R&D for Vision Inc
Affiliations: Vision Inc
Family: His mother Mary,his boss Jimmy at Vision Inc.


Age: 27 DoB: 1990/23/3
Apparent Age: N/a
Gender: Male

Mannequin is made up of sleek alabaster white segmented joints joined together on ball joints, chains, and electromagnets. His face has near blank features sans the shallow indents where the eyes would be. The only remotely human thing still left of him is his brain inside his chest cavity, beyond that everything else is robotic.




James Horridan cursed at the pain of getting out of his bed. For as long as he could remember his body has been all but broken. When he was born he was diagnosed with both Osteogenesis Imperfecta and hemophilia. His bones were paper and his blood ran like water. He grew up confined to his home having to treat every move he made with great care or it would be another injury. He couldn't go outside to play, couldn't ride a bike, couldn't do so many little things and it was all due to his flawed body. To stop himself from going crazy from being a prisoner to his body he learned. His parents were somewhat well-known scientists who brought him all the books he ever wanted and taught him the curiosities of the world and encouraged him to be an explorer and learn everything he could despite his limits. And so from the time of 7 years old to 18 years James devoured knowledge as it came.

Quickly coming to be seen as an intellectual equal to his parents and their colleagues. The employer of his parents "Vision Inc" saw great potential in this young man and gave him the same job as his parents working in the research and development department. For one of the few times in his life James was happy. Finally he was able to strive for something despite his body holding him back. He finally had a chance to make a difference in the world. The next few years went in relative peace as James worked alongside his parents making breakthroughs through technology to keep the body alive in the worst kind of environments. With their technology they would finally be able to colonize the stars. This isn't a fairy tale this is real life and with it comes tragedy. On the verge of a long awaited breakthrough Vision Inc was raided by Hired Mercenaries. They wanted to steal what James worked to hard to achieve. James and his father tried to stop these dastardly men from ruining everything only to be repaid in kind with the father being shot and James getting thrown to the side.

When James awoke he was in a hospital with his mother by his bedside. Just one look at his mom told him everything. The work was gone, his father was gone, and his spine was crushed rendering him in a wheelchair. James filled with outrage over how life keeps knocking him down no matter how hard he tries to get back up. Cursed how his life been destroyed. Cursed how he was too weak to do anything about it. Too weak to stop the criminals and save his father. Something clicked for him in his hysteria and he realized the problem isn't the world its with himself. He had tried to make the world a better place for everyone, tried to make everyone else better while he remained broken. If he was to truly help people he would need to stop being broken. He would need to fix himself before fixing the world. And so using the life insurance and the last will of his father James devoted all his time to fix what nature has mistaken. Life gave him broken bones? He removed it. Life gave him a bleeding heart? He removed it. When James was done with his "Improvements" He hardly resembled a man anymore, looking more like a store display mannequin that has gained a life of its own. James was happy with this as he can finally be his own person free of the chains of his damaged body. James now roams the streets helping others where any crime might be because as he puts it "Why dream big and fail when you can think small and achieve.".

Personality & Motivation:

Mannequin is a hero because ever since he was a child he wanted to make the world a better place. However due to his body he was limited and tried to help the world by being an inventor. This failed horribly and Mannequin decided to finally fix his body and help the world on a smaller scale and to enact justice for his deceased father. Due to being raised at home he hasn't had much social interactions leaving him with less than desired social skills. He is very intelligent and empathetic to those who are disabled and will try everything he can to make life better for those who are down.


Powers & Tactics:

Mannequin's main strength is that his only vulnerable part is his brain enclosed inside his chest, any harm to the rest of his body can easily be replaced/fixed. He is able move at high speeds using his Magnetic Drift and will be hard pressed to ambush thanks to his Radar capabilities. In a fight he will focus mainly on crowd control using his assortment of chemical compounds and his ability to manipulate the magnetic field. He prefers to attack from afar separating his limbs and launching them like rockets towards his foes bringing the pain and shocking them into unconsciousness. Any foe who tries to get near him will have to deal with flying metal objects, a colorless blinding, deafening haze, and globs of Adhesive Goo all buying Mannequin time to gain more ground away from his foe.


Power Descriptions:

The most obvious thing about Mannequin is his power. He looks like something straight out of a mad scientist's lair made up of several "pieces" all in a alabaster white chassis. He moves by use of electromagnets and chains making his movements seem unnatural. One would be pressed into thinking that Mannequin is a human.


Unnatural Form: Mannequin has replaced his entire body but his brain with a humanoid construct that isn't restricted in the ways a human body is. Because of this people will usually not assume he is a person. and is just another machine leading them to have unfair treatment of him.

Selfish Greed: Despises people who commit violence and harm for the sake of profit. Considers them to be the worst kind of people

Blank Slate: Mannequin has a blank canvas for a face leading to the inability to make any facial expressions. This makes it hard when he is trying to display his emotions.

Foreign Senses: Mannequin doesn't have conventional senses due to not have a "head". Instead He hears normally and sees via radar. If anything were to disrupt his radar he would effectively be rendered blind.

Abilities:  8 + 0 - 10 + 12 + 0 - 2= [8PP]
Strength: 18 (+4)
Dexterity: 10 (+0)
Constitution: N/A
Intelligence: 22 (+6)
Wisdom: 10 (+0)
Charisma: 8 (-1)

Combat: 8 + 8 = 16PP
Initiative: +0
Attack: +4 Attack, +10 Melee
Defense: +4 (+4 Base), +2 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +14
Knockback: -8/-2 flat-footed

Saving Throws: 0 + 7 + 7 = 14PP
Toughness: +15 (+0 Con, +12 Defensive Roll, Protection 3)
Fortitude: N/A
Reflex: +7 (+7)
Will: +7 (+7)

Skills: 64R = 16PP  

Computers 3 (+9)

Craft 10 (Electrical) (+16)

Craft 10 (Mechanical) (+16)

Intimidate 11 (+10)

Knowledge 12 (Life Sciences) (+18)

Knowledge 8 (Technology) (+14)

Medicine 2 (+2)

Notice 6 (+6)

Sense Motive 2 (+2)

Feats: 19PP

Attack Focus (Melee) 6

Defensive Roll 6

Dodge Focus

Improved Grab

Improved Grapple


Equipment 3



Headquarters;Vision Inc:Size: Large, Toughness 10; Features: Communications, Computer, Fire Prevention System, Laboratory, Security System 3, Workshop [15EQ]

Powers:  1 + 30 + 2 + 10 + 3 + 3 + 31 = [80PP]

All powers are apart of Mannequin's constructed body and are robotic and electro-magnetic in origin.

Anatomic Seperation 5 (Magnetic Split) [10PP] (Limited to Head, Arms, Legs)

Feature (Indestructible brain casing) [1PP]

Flight 2 (Magnetic Drift; Feats: Limited to being in Magnetic Split) [2PP]

Immunity 30 (Fortitude effects) [30PP]

Protection 3 (Hardened Ceramic Casing) [3PP]

Super-Senses 3 (Radio; Ranged, Accurate) [3PP] (radar)


Built In Armory Array 14 (28PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) [31PP] (Chemical, Magnetic, Technological)

  • Base Power: Strike 6 (Shock Punch; Feats: Linked, Mighty) {27/28} 
  • Base Power: Stun 10 (Shock Punch; Feats: Linked) {27/28}
  • Alternate Power: Snare 9 (Adhesive Goo; Flaws: Entanglement; Extras: Cone Area, Regenerating) {27/28}
  • Alternate Power: Move Object 13 (Magnetic Control; Flaws: Limited to metal; Feats: Accurate 2, Damaging, Precise, Subtle) {18/28}
  • Alternate Power Obscure 6 (Colorless Sense Prevention Haze; Feats: Subtle 2, Independent; Extras:Selective Attack  ) (Affects Visual Senses and Hearing) {26/28}


DC Block

ATTACK                        RANGE      SAVE                           EFFECT
Unarmed                      Touch      DC 19 Toughness       Damage

Shock Punch               Touch      DC 25 Toughness       Damage    

Shock Punch               Touch      DC 20 FORTITUDE      Dazed/Stunned/Unconscious

Adhesive Goo              Ranged   DC 19/14 Reflex          Entangled

Move Object                Ranged    DC 27                            Damage     



Totals: Abilities (8) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (14) + Skills (16) + Feats (19) + Powers (80) - Drawbacks (0) = 153/157 Power Points

Edited by Fox
+3pp for March/April 2018
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Hey everyone, Vorik here! Ive recently purchased Hero Lab and Ultimate power would felt like I could do a much better attempt at remaking Mannequin my current character. I would like this new sheet to replace the older sheet I currently Have for Mannequin. The reason why its 153PP instead of 150 is because the original sheet at 3PP bonus.

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Notational thing: Base attack and defense is 2pp a point, not 1pp a point - 4 base attack and 4 base defense could be 8 + 8 = 16, not 4 + 4 = 16.


Attack Focus (Melee) 6 would bring Mannequin's total melee attack up to +10 (4 base + 6 melee), not +6, so you're shorting yourself pretty severely there.


With +10 melee attack and +4 Strength, Mannequin would have a +14 Grapple bonus. Wrasslin'!


With +16 Toughness (+4 Flat-footed), Mannequin would have a Knockback of -8/-2.



I count only 62R of skills, here, so you're shorting yourself two ranks.



Something's gone a little funky in your equipment quote block. Trying to use those inner-quotes takes me to your WIP Character Building page, too, which is a neat trick.


HQ costs: Large is 2ep, Toughness 10 is 5ep, 8 features is 8ep, for 15ep total, not 12ep. Still within-budget for the Equipment 3 feats.



Anatomical Separation has as a feat what I think was probably meant as just a descriptor.


Area and Regenerating are Extras, not Feats, for the Snare effect.


Move Object with a -1 flaw and 5 feats would cost 18pp, not 28pp. Keep in mind that since its attack bonus would be +8 with the accurate, it would be soft-capped at 12 ranks when used as a damaging power.


Selective Attack is an extra, not a feat; Obscure 6 on these three senses would be 4pp rank (visual is 2pp/rank on its own, the others are 1pp/rank each).  With Selective Attack for another +1pp/rank and 6 ranks, that's 30pp already - plus Subtle 2 is 32pp. Independent is an extra, too, and should be categorized as such, but it's +0 so it doesn't affect the cost.



The final pp tally at sheet's bottom still reads 150pp. Overall cost is correct, though, at 153!

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