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Midnight Run


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You can also make a DC 15 Pop Culture Knowledge Roll on Aortic Valve


Apart from the normal information about them being an industrial goth band, their lead singer, Verity Vein has a very unwelcome but media hype generation habit of cutting her arms on stage. She used to throw blood on stage but only stopped after legal action under health and safety. The other interesting thing is she had a magnificent and allegedly very expensive set of rubies around her neck she nicknames "Drip Drops", although nobody knows their real value. It is rumoured they are just glass and blood cut well, but even if this was the case they would be a valuable art piece!

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ok so accidentally we moved over to ic thread! I will edit my IC post to reflect what happened, perhaps you do the same to respond?


In the mean time, boom!


Fort 15 Save vs Fatigue (Poison) Effect for everyone! Obviously I wont be rolling for the crowd. Over half fall asleep, the rest will drop off at the speed of PLOT. 


Rob the Troll gets a lone save: Fort Save vs Poison Gas: 1d20+5 10 making him exhausted

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Whoops! Fixing that, yeah!

I'm assuming Jann's wearing his armour, as he generally does so at all times.


Fort: 1d10+10 12

He's exhausted, whee!

He'll then Takedown Attack as many of them as he can, using his primary attack. Rolling for 5, but since he can't move between takedown attacks, you can decide how many he can actually hit.
Attacks, in order:: 5#1d20+12 25 17 28 13 27
If they hit, Damage is 5 (since he gets -2 STR from exhausted), + whatever is added by Autofire

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Its a hit anyway,  gang guy is only +2 toughness. Tough Save vs BoA: 1d20+2 15 

So, that is a damage 5 effect base, plus 3 (24 vs 18 def) from autofire, meaning a DC 23 TOughness Save. He is bruised and dazed. 


Yes, these five are low PL but we are in a for the mother of all chase scenes with them; they are not minions!


For reference: Bird of Arms, 3 HP, Exhausted


Fatigued effect:  No all out, -2 STR and DEX (but we shall ignore the Init stuff as it gets too fuzzy), and -1 to attack and defence. 


Could you throw me an initiative roll?

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GIven Janns last action was essentially "Fly through window and take stock" we are at...


Round 2


22 - Gang Member 1-4 [Unharmed]

7 Bird of Arms


The Gang members are running and currently 25' away. Three of them will vault into the rennovated building next door. this is a tricky situation as its full of construction beams. They chose their mark well. Jann cannot fly here (As per power drawback) at least without risk of knocking himself out / sending the building works crashing round his ears / at the very least landing on his rear. Ill allow a Reflex DC 25 toll to fly through the building with failure causing various degrees of failure. 


Well, three Gang Members will do so. The fourth will spin round just outside and throw a firecracker at Jann. 


Throws Firecracker: 1d20+5 15 which misses. 


That Makes Gang Member 4 outside the rennovated building, 25' away, the other three are in the building, 40; away (and in cover / concealed as in building). 

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ok lets call that a Damage 4 and Snare 4 Effect on the gang and, for Bird of Arms (at the Epicentre) a bit tougher, A Damage 5 and Snare 5 Effect. 


For the three gang members in the effect:


Metal Cascade Tough Saves: 3#1d20+2 6 13 20 for toughness vs DC 19. 


And Snare effect from falling bars: 3#1d20+8 19 15 26


LF1: Bruised, Dazed, Staggered

LF2: Bruised, Dazed

LF3: Unharmed


Make them rolls!


The cascade will also make flying impossible and movement down to 25% (without the sure footed). You can make an acrobatics check - DC 15 to get that down to 50%, or 25 to get it down to 25% penalty, but if you fail, you get nowhere!

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Round 3


22 - LF 1 Bruised, Dazed 1, Staggered

22 - LF 2 Bruised, Dazed

22 - LF 3 Bruised

22 - LF 4

7 Bird of Arms


At the moment the cascade reduced movement to 25% unless you make acrobatics check (acrobatics check - DC 15 to get that down to 50%, or 25 to get it down to 25% penalty, but if you fail, you get nowhere!)


BoA and LF1,2,3 are all within about 20' of each other. And about 40' from the nearest wall. They are on the second floor (20' Up). 

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So on this round LF4 will simply run down the street, all out. This means he is now 120' Down the street. 


Only LF 3 can act. He will move 15' through the wreckage as a move action (getting an acrobatics check of 21 with skill mastery) and throw another Firecracker at Bird of Arms. Whilst not flat footed, I will subtract 1 from dodge at this point just because its harder to move. 


Throws Firecrackert at Bird of Arms: 1d20+5 9

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Acrobatics: 1d20+20 39


Of course he gets a high result when a low one would be more than enough!


Moving towards LF 3, and using Stun 7  ( Extra: linked to Damage ) + Damage 0 ( Feat: Mighty, Precise; Extra: Linked to Stun )

Attack: 1d20+12 26


That should hit, which would be a DC17 Fortitude Save against Stunned, and a DC 20 Toughness Save against the Damage

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Being Lazy with dice roller: Saves vs BoA: 2#1d20 3 17


So even with a +4 Fort Save he is knocked out. 


Round 3


22 - LF 1 Bruised, Dazed 1, Staggered

22 - LF 2 Bruised, Dazed

22 - LF 4

7 Bird of Arms


LF 1 will throw a firecracker at Bird of Arms: Throws Firecracker at Jann: 1d20+5 21 this just hits with the -1 dodge penalty and fatigue penalty. Which means a Reflex 15 save vs auditory and visual dazzle. 


LF 2 will move all out through the scaffolding and fall out the building the other side (taking 10 on acrobatics check for fall and movement). Thats an effective fall of four feet which is waived (falls under 10 feet no damage). 


LF 4 will carry on running but you can't see anything, or, realistically at this distance, hear anything. 


Bird of Arms is up!



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