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A Spooky Good Time Fighting Gangsters!


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So, Bugbear is going to do his initial foray into the seedy under belly of Bedlam.  Basically he's tracking down the folks that "killed" him and tried to kill his wife.  


Thinking we'll go with something simple here, tracks baddies to sleezy back of bar poker game.  Confronts the goons, shots are fired, heroes save the day.  If there are patrolling heroes who hear the shots, or there for their own reasons, patrons of the bar, etc etc they join in the fun!  


I'm thinking max of 3 other heroes. It's not a whole casino of baddies so too many more and the fight isn't really much of a fight.  Not that it's going to be anyway against the rank and file of the mob but there you have it.  


Let me know who's interested!

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sounds good, i'll wait one more day to see if anyone else wants to join in, if not it'll just be Brig and Bugbear.  Was thinking might be fun to make a ruckus on the riverboat owned by the Scarpias for this, that ensures enough mooks and maybe some powered hired mercs hanging around for their next assignment

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