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ok, going to have the Gangsters roll notice vs Bugbear's stealth


Stealth: 1d20+6 12  Stealth of a terrible 12


Perception: 1d20+0 11  Barely miss his presence


I guess he'll take a swing at a lowly thug and then do initiative


oooh, that's no good Ghost Strike Attack: 1d20+9 10


so initiative!

Initiative: 1d20+2 7  Bugbear is slowwwww

Initiative: 1d20+1 3  Thugs are actually slower


Brigandine i'm gonna rule can hear the ruckus so go ahead and roll initiative as well, will only take her a move to get there if she uses her speed power, but more like a full round if not and tries to extricate herself incognito like


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I think Brig's going to start by making a Bluff check to get away from her date with grace. Then she'll Stealth down there. No powers as yet, since that involves getting big and glowy.


Results 10#1d20: 10 # 18 [1d20=18] 12 [1d20=12] 19 [1d20=19] 5 [1d20=5] 19 [1d20=19] 17 [1d20=17] 9 [1d20=9] 2 [1d20=2] 1 [1d20=1] 19 [1d20=19]


Bluff has Skill Mastery, so that's 22 to slip away. Stealth is 10+18 = 28 to avoid being detected by any mob guards.

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Ok so Declan's gonna take a swing at the skinny one


Attack Roll vs Fingers: 1d20+9 22


Hits so Finger's will save vs the attack:

Will Save vs Ghost Punch: 1d20+2 7


Ooh, not good, failed by 13 so that makes him unconscious as he's a minion



As for the rest of the thugs, they will all pull out pistols and unload into Declan to no affect as he is insubstantial.  


The 4 PL2 thugs are frightened enough by the display that they will bolt out the door right into the path of Brigandine as she was approaching said door, she gets surprise of course due to both her stealth check, and that it is very surprising to run into her!





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Ok here's where things get interesting


Giving Brig an HP for the bad guys calling in hired muscle.


Also the man is dropping a flashbang, so going to need a reflex save and a fort save from Brigandine as well as Declan



Reflex save vs flashbang: 1d20+4 20


That's his reflex, now for Fort


Fort Save DC 14: 1d20+7 10


so makes the reflex save but fails the fortitude, he is deafened and blinded!







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Okay, Brig makes a melee attack on Toes. 1 + 7 = 8, that sucks. Spending a HP to reroll that, 2 + 7 = 9. Well at least I get to add 10 to that to make 19. That should hit, grapple check is 19+21 = 40. If that doesn't nab him I'll hat my hat.


New numbers! More science!

Results 10#1d20: 10 # 10 [1d20=10] 19 [1d20=19] 13 [1d20=13] 16 [1d20=16] 18 [1d20=18] 2 [1d20=2] 9 [1d20=9] 12 [1d20=12] 18 [1d20=18] 3 [1d20=3]

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