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[OOC] Milk Run

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OOC for this



Supercape-Today at 9:58 PM

Once the OOC thread is up...taking 10 on Survival for a 26 Track result (or for that matter whater survival rolls are needed!)


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So 26 for tracking. 


If any survival rolls needed using skill mastery for a 26 result, which should be enough to keep him orientated and unexposed etc if possible. 


Given the situation, being on foot, and having to carry the detonators, I would suggest Starshot is divesting himself of some of his equipment, thus carrying:



Plasma Rifle and Helmet, obviously. 

Reinforced Military Jacket

Basic Survival Gear (Water flask, Tarpaulin)

Ultrasonic Whistle (as its so light)

Masterwork Rope (as its so light)

His utility belt without the grenades


(Dropping the grenades from his utility belt, Whip, and Medical Kit)


I'm not much of an "equipment list" guy, but on the other hand I want to give a feel that he is running light. 


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Toughness Save: 1d20+13 17


And you just manage to daze it, so you can take another action either directly, or you can just write the first one and I'll come up with something to bridge the gap!

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Reflex Save: 1d20+6 11


Fails the reflex, by 5 or more, so it's bound and helpless. It's not completely done yet and can probably still break out, however!

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Okay! The Bortha's bonus is large enough to ignore that, actually.

Now, it's gonna break out,


"If the trapped character
has an attack with a damage bonus 5 or more greater than the Snare’s
Toughness, he can break the Snare automatically as a standard action."


which it can. So it'll do that, and then I'll give Starshot a HP to have it act again and charge him!

Charge: 1d20+8 18

And miss regardless!


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Ok! So move action: Startle Startle the Bortha: 1d20+10 23 with a -5 penalty for move action that would be an 18. 


Standard action: And I suspect this will fail, but lets go for it: Inject with sleepy drug. 


Inject Bortha: 1d20+12 21 if that hits, a DC 15 Fatigue save (and subsequent poison effect). It also causes a tactile dazzle but i doubt that will be relevant (although it could cause an amusing effect if backstabbing!)

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Intimidate: 1d20+14 28

Isn't Startled!

Gets hit though

Fort: 1d20+12 25

It manages to save against that


It will then strike back, hitting with it's tail:

Attack: 1d20+9 18

And still misses!


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I will totally allow it! +1 HP

And yes, it hits, and:

Toughness Save: 1d20+12 22

Does some minor damage! (Bruised 2)


The Bortha will then strike back, just going with a normal attack for now.

Attack: 1d20+7 25

That hits, so that's a DC26 Toughness Save


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Okay! Just the Bruise, because I doubt the difference between Lethal and Nonlethal will matter in the long run!


It'll attack again, then, going for an Area Trip linked to Damage.

That's a DC19 Reflex save, then, if you make that:

  • DC15 against your DEX
  • DC 18 Toughness

if you fail it it's a:

  • DC19 against your DEX
  • DC 21 Toughness

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Reflex vs Area: 1d20+8 13 Failed the main roll. 


Against the trip attack I guess its vs STR or DEX rather than reflex save, but its still +8 so...Reflex STR save vs Trip: 1d20+8 26 which is made. 


The Toughness Save is Toughness save vs Bortha Stomp: 1d20+9 27 which is made. 


So, Starshot will charge the beast...


Charges the BOrtha: 1d20+12 26 should hit, for a DC 23 Tough Save


Edited by Supercape

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Demoralise, on the off-chance it fails:

Intimidate: 1d20+14 33

Well, it doesn't fail that, and that's the roll that would've been the toughness one otherwise!


Toughness Save: 1d20+10 13

Which it just fails by 15, and thus, is out.

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