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The Room Where It Happens (OOC)

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Okay, initiative time: 


Lady Horus: 35

Stabbo the Clown: 34

Nightingale: 28

Thugs: 7


Lady Horus: 

Move Action 1: Enter the bedroom and return (interrupted w/Move-By Action) 

Move Action 2: Don her Lady Horus helm and transform

Free Action: Activate Concealment 10 


She'll surge (and hold her action), readying an attack vs. anything that attacks Esperanza


Stabbo the Clown: 

Move Action: Enter the kitchen! 

Free Action: Activates Concealment 

Standard Action: he'll prepare a standard action to attack Lady Horus when she appears! 


Nightingale is up as soon as I post IC! 

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New round: 


Since neither Lady Horus's nor Stabbo's actions went off last round, I'll put them back in the same initiative order. 


Lady Horus: 35
Stabbo the Clown: 34
Nightingale: 28


LH will continue to hold her action, expanding herself out to attacking anyone who attacks either Nicola or Esperanza. 


Stabbo is going to attack Nightingale! 


We'll call this a use of his 

Damage 6 (Extra: Autofire) {12/12}


Attack vs. DC 14 (since he still has full Concealment) 


http://orokos.com/roll/544152 = 20




That's 6 + 3 = Toughness DC 24. 




Okay, give me that Tou save, Nick.



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Okay, she is injured and dazed. 


I'll give Lady Horus an HP for the Complication of watching Nicky get stabbed! 


To shorten the fight, I'll say that Stabbo has gotten a touch sloppy and dropped his Concealment. 


The DC to hit a flat-footed Stabbo is 13


http://orokos.com/roll/544170 = 17! 


Okay, he has to make a DC 29 Tou save. 


http://orokos.com/roll/544172 = 11. 


Okay, he is unconscious (and knocked away) - and the fight is over. 



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