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Mind the B's and Pew-Pews(IC)


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August 4th, 2017

Outside the Eastern Seaboard Bank, Lincoln Branch


Summer was fading away. 


It was still too hot for non-summer wear, but every Freedonian felt the chill coming off the bay a little stronger each day. 


They were cramming as much summer into their lives as they could. 


Including the criminals. 


With a shattering *SKREE* the bank's windows exploded outward, letting a dozen women in yellow and black, ski masks with welding glass on their heads and chunky electro-punk guns in their hands, into the streets of Freedom! 


At that moment, ensconced in a limousine that he had, on some unaccountable urge, called from its cubby hole back at the Transnational Building, Amir al-Misri had spent the last half hour with a voluable redheaded man with a thick beard, a $350 haircut streaked with a light dusting of grey, and a 12,000,000 watt smile. 


Max Mars, of MarsTech, who had somehow talked him into listening to a spiel about wave power generators. 


The explosion had, mercifully forced him to pause and politely wait until the crisis was resolved. 


Meanwhile, just down the street was a certain Carol, who unlike the rest of the running, shouting Freedonian, could do something about this. 

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So, no, Carol Weaver was not having the best day today. She had to go shopping for groceries, finish up her lesson plan for next week, and start planning for Tyrone's custody weekend. There was a lot of crap to get through, and she wasn't exactly happy about any mishaps that may have started to pop up.


Of course, this meant that a gang had to just go in and start robbing the bank, which was just the icing on the cake. Gaaaaaah. Maybe Carol Weaver was pissed as hell about all the delays, but it was Lady Lincoln's duty to protect the innocent, and she was going to do it damn well. Really, really, well, just as soon as she finished changing into her costume. It wouldn't take that long, she thought, as she ducked into an alleyway and began to pull out her costume from her bag. It was good to see that it hadn't gotten any less yellow.


Taking a quick peek around to make sure all civilians were safe (and that no one was in the alley or something), Carol finally began to change. No time like the present to make something happen, and Lady Lincoln was all about the present.


At the same time, though, wasn't there more she could do? Oh, right, actually use her powers. Taking a deep breath, she began to slowly think of the cheetahs prowling the Serengeti, calling on their strength, their ferocity, and their courage. The speed with which they sprinted upon the ground, to take, to claw, to conquer. She had to focus for this, keep her entire mind dead-set on the whole process, but she could do it. All of it.

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