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Gonna Need a Bigger Boat -ooc!


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Hmm...capsize it is... they can hold on to their boats...


I wager a hero point to go full speed under their boats to cause them to lose handling (leaving a capsize for a failed driving or piloting check for their boat) should suffice for a power stunt, angling my path of swimming to go under both of their boats? What would I have to do?

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You know, I'm going to spend a hero point again for a second power stunt with my swimming... pretty much I'm going to circle around the pirates with my swimming power to start spinning them around and give them some regrets in terms of their breakfast choices. Pretty much, to get them all in one place, but also to funnel them together into one spot. So... disorient them and hopefully ensure they're disarmed.


I'll be down to 1 hero point left after this stunt.

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Ok Frenzy has a guy grappled beneath the water and he's going to use him as a projectile. 


Attack thug: 1d20+4 16


yep! That hits! Both of them will make toughness saves Toughness Saves: 2#1d20+2 3 17


nope neither beats his strength! 


Frenzy will then hide via a move action diving into the shadows below the dock. Skill mastery on that is 23, he has disappeared. 


The thug looking around and not seeing that target will attempt to attack Torpedo Lass


Attack TL: 1d20+2 18


which misses!

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