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The Dream Team Recruitment

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In an effort to create a team of super heroes for the defense of the United States, President J.T. Cahill has signed a bill to fund a team of heroes. The Dream Team. 


I'm trying to find other heroes willing to join up! 

The Team is mainly to take on super crime and preventing and mitigating natural disasters. 


So yeah I want to get a few threads up and running as kind of putting the team together! Anyone have any PC's and/or thread ideas this is a good place to put it. 


Disclaimer: Depending on how many people want to be a part of this, the team may or may not be able to have everyone on it. 

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Raveled: So this group won't have the jurisdiction to investigate. They will fight open crime, but if they have leads it will probably get handed off to AEGIS. I also do not imagine they will turn help away from other groups like AEGIS or the Freedom League. But yeah the Dream team will mainly be responsible for dealing with natural disasters and Open Super crime.


And Yeah EP! Queenie and Waveridder are great. 

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