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Back and Deader Than Ever!

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10:27 PM, July 12th, 2017

Center For Disease Control and Development: Atlanta, Georgia


Most of the time, epidemiology needed to be public in order to work properly. People needed to be made aware of the disease. They needed to be educated on what they could do to prevent it. Public awareness was one of the greatest tools in the arsenal of epidemiology. 


This was not one of those times. 


"We don't know what's causing this?" Hyperactive looked at the "vector" as it banged against the glass. He was working on his second two liter bottle of Dr. Pepper. This was gonna be a long night.


"No and we felt that it was better to get some support before heading out into the field." Replied Dr. Yang, the epidemiologist in charge of the crisis. "President Cahill has you on his list of heroes to call when we find ourselves up a creek without a paddle." 


"Sure, this is exactly what I signed on for. I'm gonna call in a little help, I promise they'll be discreet." Hyperactive was already feeling well out of his depth here. He grabbed his phone and hammered out two quick messages.


"Woodsman, have a situation that may require some stealth and discretion. I think you may be able to help here. I have a situation in Georgia. I can pick you up." The scatterbrained Speedster sent. 


"Mr. Daggers. Names Hyperactive. Druid gave me your number. Got a situation in Georgia, could use some help. Drop your location, I can be there, fast."


"Give me a few moments to retrieve some friends Doctor." Hyperactive said as he waited for a reply. 

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The response from Woodsman came slowly, at least by Hyperactive's standards, especially when it came to your typical teenager. But about ten minutes after Hyperactive's initial message came - 


"Okay. I have my gear. You can find me at corner of Payne and McInnis in Moss Point, Mississippi."


He didn't mention that he'd had to wake up, tell Peyton that there was a super-emergency, gear up, and then walk enough houses down that there was no risk of disturbing his mother's extended family with Hyperactive's arrival. The summer vacation to his mother's place of birth, way down on the Gulf Coast, had shaped up to be...well, honestly about as difficult as he accepted. 



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  • 3 weeks later...

11:47AM, Tokyo, Japan.


Jason had a full itinerary yesterday. His father was in Japan hosting a business meeting with several influential businesses. Jason, as always, tagged along for the ride. Though it wasn't all fun and games. The bonded daggers knew there would be trouble even if they were in a foreign land. Youkai was just another word for supernatural and the daggers knew their marks. So while everyone was asleep, Daggers got down to business. Oni that blended in with with humanity for sinister purposes. One checked off the list. By the time the sun rose he was back at the hotel, sleeping. His father unaware of his nightly activities. "You're gonna miss breakfast, Jay," his father warned him. But he saw Jason was snoozing peacefully, "ok, but i'm lifting you out of that bed before the plane takes off."


A few hours later, his secondary phone buzzed This was not for Jason. This was for Daggers. He sat up quick. It was a message. He remember druid for that time they cleared a grove of 'unnaturals' during the blood red moon. "Give me a moment to get ready." before popping in the coordinates and hitting send. Jason slipped out his special suitcase and took a route to a secluded area. Exactly where he told Hyperactive he would be.Opening the suitcase the daggers flew into his hands. "About time, are we going oni slaying again. Oh no, you have a mission. I see." The suit melded to his body before Hyperactive showed up. "I'm the help you wanted," he greeted the speedster with a rough voice, "but what exactly am I needed for?"

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From the perspective of the other two heroes they were in their previous location, and then suddenly, they were not. The two heroes found themselves in a laboratory with a dozen beleaguered scientists and doctors. The Speedster had snatched them so fast their minds hadn't been able to keep up. Which was ok. It made for a far smoother ride. 


"Mr. Daggers, and Woodsman. Good to meet in person by the way." Hyperactive smiled shaking the hand. He gave a nod to Woodsman as well. "I think I should let the good doctor explain what is going on. If anyone needs caffeine I can get my hands on some." Hyperactive said as he opened the third two liter bottle of Dr. Pepper, which hadn't been there before. 


"Gentlemen." Dr. Yang pointed at a glass tank. Slamming fists against the glass was... a humanoid. There were signs of decay all over the body. The clothes were torn up and damaged. The eyes were glassed over and it repeatedly beat it's fists on the tank. "There's a small town in the Appalachians that we recovered this..." he paused deliberating. "Disease vector. We think most of the town has succumbed to this disease. We want to rescue any survivors and find a way to contain this... situation." 

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If the daggers in Daggers' hand could have jumped out of his hand and flew toward the zombie they would of. Nevertheless, Daggers heard the zealous blades call for the destruction of the mindless unholy beast. "You know what you must do," the daggers repeated to him. "Why don't you hush and tell me something about zombies I don't know," he sent a message back to the blades, "is this even a regular zombie? Can you tell?"


Daggers looked to the scientist, "so this is disease based? No taint of evil," his rough hero voice facade, "I'm going to help you either way. I would very much like to help you in your situation."


Knowledge (arcane lore) for identifying this zombie's supernatural traits

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"An excellent question." Dr. Yang gave a slight nod. "We aren't able to identify magic or evil with science. But we suspect this isn't natural. For one thing the victims all presented with these fungal growths." He aimed a laser pointer at clumps of blackish, green and grey moss that was in the center. "We haven't seen anything like it." 


"In some of the less advanced cases, which were among the team sent in to recover samples of the vector, we managed to reverse it with antifungal sprays and one of our more religious colleagues used holy water." Dr. Yang continued pointing at a young woman with a bandaged arm. "But we attempted that on one in a similar state to this one and, well the body simply crumbled."

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Woodsman stared at the creature inside the glass for a long, silent moment, seeming to ignore the conversation taking place on either side of him. It wasn't a Feral, it lacked their terrible animalistic cunning. But it was a mockery of human life turned predatory, the look of those grey teeth and hands something he understood only too well. You knew this was going to happen someday. "Kill it now," he said flatly, his voice almost artificially even. "Destroy the town - burn it hot enough that nothing left there will survive. Put the survivors in quarantine and burn 'em down if they turn. I've seen it-" He blinked, hard, and pushed away a lifetime of memory. "I've seen it done. It's hard doing but if you let one of 'em out, might not be able to stop it. And what happens when a meta turns?" 

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